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Veritas Plough Plane Review By: I.Ball

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Manufacturer: Veritas
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This Veritas plow / plough plane review is about the plane labelled as the 'Veritas Small Plow Plane', made by Veritas Tools of Canada.

The Veritas plow / plough plane has different spellings in different regions of the world. The English spelling is the 'Veritas plough plane'.

Regardless of the English spelling, the packaging says 'Veritas small plow plane' as the plane is made in Canada.

For the rest of the review we will spell the name as 'plough' due to this being a domain.

veritas plough plane

The Veritas plough plane is a modern day version of iron plough planes such as the Stanley 50S and the Record 044 but with a complete overhaul in appearance.

The design has been given the unique Veritas look, a look of innovation and a look of good quality.

The Veritas plough plane is made from ductile cast iron with a black finish, a shaped hardwood rear handle, and brass nuts.

The handle was formerly made from Bubinga (sometimes referred to as African rosewood).

The combination of the colours look well thought out which certainly add to the look of a quality piece.

The 9 inch body section is the core section of the plane on which the chosen cutter is mounted, the depth stop is fitted to and the 6 5/8 inch long fence is attached too.

The shapely plane fence is attached to the two plane arms which pass through the body to marry the fence with the body.

veritas plough plane

The arms have the function of allowing the fence to be adjusted to any distance within the limits of the arms. Once the fence is in the desired position the arms are locked in place with the brass securing nuts.

The plane usually comes with a 1/4 inch plough plane cutter as standard.

There are many optional cutters available including various width plough plane cutters in imperial or metric, tonguing cutters, and for the plough planes made since spring 2016 there are beading cutters.

The cutters wider than 3/8 inch (10mm) and tonguing cutters require the wide blade conversion kit / sliding section. The purpose of the kit is to support the blade to help eliminate chatter.

The chosen cutter lays on an accurately machined plane blade bed angle of 45 degrees; the same angle at which most traditional iron bench plane blades are bed at, such as the Stanley 4 smoothing plane.

veritas plough plane

When positioning the cutter, the bevel should be facing down and the notch at the top of the cutter locates with the steel and brass depth adjuster nut.

The reason for this is to activate the cutter's depth adjuster. This adjuster allows the accurate setting of the cutter to the required depth.

The cutter is held in place with the user of a small lever cap / clamp.

Note: ensure to loosen the lever cap before making blade adjustments such as with the depth adjuster.

The plane's depth stop has a special feature of the clamp being spring loaded to hold the stop when adjusting; in order to prevent the depth stop from falling out when adjusting. The depth stop is adjustable to a maximum depth of 13mm (1/2 inch).

The Veritas plough plane is supplied in a brown Veritas cardboard box with a photo of the plane printed on the outside. Inside the box is a Veritas plough plane instructions leaflet.

The patented Veritas plough / plow plane is produced by Veritas Tools Inc. of Canada.

Cautions / Notes

* Important: please refer to the 'disclaimer' at the foot of this review.
* Wearing safety clothing and eye protection is usually a good idea to help protect against injury.

- The blade(s)/cutter(s) is very sharp, take suitable precautions when using/handling/storing the plane/cutter(s) to prevent injury.

- Failure to loosen parts when making adjustments to the plane can result in damage to the plane such as cross-threading screw threads. Never force a part to move.

- Overtightening parts can cause damage to the plane and the plane threads.

Plane Construction

veritas plough plane

stress-relieved ductile cast iron

Lever cap:
durable ductile cast iron

durable ductile cast iron



Plane finish:

Plane Dimensions

229mm (9 inch)

Fence Length:
170mm (6 5/8 inch)

794g (1 3/4 lbs)

Cutter Bed Angle:
45 degrees


Veritas Plough Plane Blades / Cutters:

Steel: A2 (hardened to Rc 60-62)
Bevel Angle: 25 degrees

Standard Veritas Plough Plane Blades / Cutters:

      - 1/4 inch

veritas plough plane wide-blade converter kit

Optional Veritas Plough Plane Blades / Cutters:

      - 1/8 inch
      - 3/16 inch
      - 5/16 inch
      - 3/8 inch

      - 4mm
      - 5mm
      - 6mm
      - 7mm
      - 8mm
      - 10mm

Note: plough cutters up to 3/4 inch and 18mm are available.
Cutters wider than 3/8 inch or 10mm will require the wide-blade conversion kit.

Other Blades / Cutters For The Veritas Plough Plane:

      - Tongue cutters

Note: tongue cutters require the wide-blade conversion kit.

      - Beading cutters

Note: the bead cutters are only suitable for planes made after 26/02/16. If you have a Veritas Plough Plane / Plow Plane made before this, Veritas Tools made a 'Modified Skate for Beading Blade on Small Plough Plane' to allow older Veritas Plough Plane / Plow Plane owners to upgrade their planes to accept the beading blades.

(26/02/16 - this was the date in the UK, I belive worldwide, it may be slightly earlier in other parts of the world) (please also see the UPDATES section below).

Parts List

The Veritas Plow Plane / Veritas Plough Plane - Parts List:

1x Body
1x Fence
2x Arms
2x Brass Arm Securing Nuts
1x Blade Clamp
1x Depth Adjuster Thread and Nut
1x Depth Gauge
1x Plough Cutter (1/4 inch)

Manufactured Dates

2007 - Today

Veritas Plough Plane Updates / History / News

The Veritas Plow Plane / Veritas Plough Plane - News Updates / Historical Updates:

2007-2010 - The plane was advertised as the Veritas Small Plow Plane.

2007-2018 - The plane handle was made from Bubinga (sometimes referred to as African rosewood).

2010-Today - The plane was updated to two different versions: a 'Veritas Small Plow Plane - Lefthand' and a 'Veritas Small Plow Plane - Righthand'.

2012-Today - A 'Veritas Small Plow Plane - Conversion Kit' was introduced.

The 'Conversion Kit' was designed to allow the Plane to use wider blades and to use tongue blades.

Spring 2016 - There was a new Veritas Plough / Plow Plane design modification which enables the plane to accept beading cutters.

The new modification is to the skate.

The beading cutters aren't compatible with old Veritas Plough / Plow Planes made before this date.

Spring 2016 - The opportunity to buy a 'Modified Skate for Beading Blade on Small Plough Plane' was introduced to allow older Veritas Plough Plane / Plow Plane owners to upgrade their planes to accept the beading blades.

2018-Today - The plane handle was made from what was simply advertised as 'hardwood'.

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