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veritas jack plane

This Veritas Low Angle Jack Plane review is of the plane made by Veritas Tools of Canada, the review contains lots of info, photos and videos. The Veritas Low Angle Jack Plane is a fully adjustable, low angle jack plane designed for shooting mitres, working end grain and initial smoothing.

ashley iles carving

This Ashley Iles Wood Carving Tool review covers the tools made by Ashley Iles (Edge Tools) Ltd, England. Ashley Iles wood carving tools are made to traditional standards using traditional techniques and craftmanship.

footprint hand drill 150

The Footprint Hand Drill No. 150 was officially listed and advertised as the 'Footprint Combination Hand Or Breast Drill No. 150'. The drill is equipped with a breast drill handle to help with steadying and then a hand drill handle set unusually at an angle.

veritas skew block plane

This Veritas Skew Block Plane review covers the Veritas Skew Block Plane made by Veritas Tools of Canada. The Veritas Skew Block Plane is a fully adjustable, multi-function plane which packs a great punch.

lynx log saw

This Lynx One Man Log Saw review covers the Log Saw made by Thomas Flinn & Co (Sheffield). The Lynx One Man Log Saw is a traditional saw used for cutting logs quickly by hand. The saw can also be used as a Two Man Saw.

record 015 block plane

The Record block plane number 015 is fully adjustable block plane from the Record plane range. The 015 adjustable features includes an adjustable mouth and adjustable blade controls; both depth and lateral movements.

old record spokeshave 053

This review contains photos and info about the Record 053 spokeshaves also referred to as the adjustable mouth Record spokeshaves. The adjustable mouth / throat allows the user to adjust the thickness of shaving between coarse workings through to fine work.

chesterman constantia tape measure

The Chesterman Constantia tape measure has a woven linen tape, a brass winder and a solid leather, hand-stitched, lined case with a special waterproof lining. The tape typically measured with the measurement commencing from the outside of the ring at the end of the tape.

stanley plane 8

The Stanley jointer plane number 8 is the longest of the standard Stanley bench planes at approximately 23 7/8 inch (606mm) in length, 80mm wide with a 66mm (2 5/8 inch) wide plane blade. This plane is often referred to as a Stanley jointer plane.

stanley router 71

The Stanley router number 71 is a two-handled hand tool used for cutting, cleaning and smoothing grooves. The Stanley 71 is referred to as an open throat router due to the raised hollow arch at the front of the router.

disston saw d8

The Disston D8 hand saw was the most widely produced saw out of the range of Disston saws. There were many variations of the D8. The handles on old D8 saws were usually made from Apple wood. Later D8 saws were made from selected hardwoods, usually Beech.

stanley block plane 140

The Stanley block plane number 140 is a skew block plane (with an angled mouth) and usually a Rosewood wooden front knob. The right hand side of the plane (as looking from the rear) is detachable. The side is held in place by two screws.

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