Record Fillister Plane - No. 078

record 078 plane
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Record Duplex 078 Plane Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Record

Plane Type: Fillister, Duplex, Rebate / Rabbet

Model No: 078


The Record 078 fillister plane has been and still is a popular hand plane for adjusting and forming rebates particularly on window frames, door frames and various joints.

This Record 078 plane review is about the old Record 078 plane not the more recent Irwin Record duplex plane.

The plane has a single cutter with two separate blade beds; one at the front end of the plane for bullnose work and the other in the middle for more regular work.

The middle bed has a lever adjuster for changing the depth of cut.

record 078 plane

The Record 078 plane is equipped with a detachable single arm side fence. The fence allows the plane to be guided along a piece of wood to give an even cut from the edge of the work.

The fence size can be enlarged by attaching a piece of timber to it.

The fence can be positioned either side of the plane.

The Record 078 has a single spur to score the piece of wood you are planing making the plane easier and more efficient to use.

The 078 also has a depth stop to allow the user to plane to a depth set by the user.

The Record 078 is also referred to as the Record duplex plane.

The Record duplex 078 plane is heavily based upon the Stanley 78 plane. The two planes are almost identical in appearance other than the colour and markings.

Plane Construction

record plane 078

high grade cast iron

Lever cap:
high grade cast iron

crucible cast tungsten steel

Plane finish:

Manufactured Dates

1932 - 1980

Plane Also Known As

record duplex plane 078

Record 078 Plane
Record Rabbet Plane 078
Record Rebate Plane 078
Record Duplex Plane 078


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