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Setting-Up A Fillister Rebate Plane

YOUTUBE VIDEO: Duplex Fillister Rebate Plane Information (Anatomy)

YouTube video showing the setting-up of a Stanley 78 fillister rebate plane...

Sharpening A Spur

YOUTUBE VIDEO: Sharpening Spurs / Nickers For Rebate Planes

YouTube video showing the sharpening of a spur for a fillister rebate planes and combination planes / multi-planes...

YOUTUBE VIDEO: Cutting a Rabbet Joint with a Moving Fillister Hand Plane

YouTube video with YouTuber 'Will' showing his moving fillister plane in action cutting a rebate / rabbet...

YOUTUBE VIDEO: Wooden Sash Fillister Plane And Wooden Plough Plane

YouTube video with YouTuber 'Adam' showing his wooden sash fillister plane in action followed by showing his wooden plough plane in action...

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- Overtightening parts can cause damage to the tool.


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