Stanley Scraper Plane - No. 112

stanley scraper
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Stanley 112 Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Stanley

Plane Type: Scraper Plane

Model No: 112


The Stanley scraper plane number 112 has a 9 inch long plane body with an adjustable scraper blade holding mechanism which allows the user to tilt the scraper blade to the required angle.

The angle of the scraper blade is set by turning the large brass adjuster nut found towards the rear of the plane.

The Stanley 112 scraper plane holds a scraper blade to 3 inch wide.

The scraper blade is locked in position by turning the brass lever cap nut.

The body is made from cast iron and is fitted with a shaped Rosewood rear handle and front knob. The handling of the scraper plane is virtually the same as a smoothing plane, giving it the familiar comfortable feel.

stanley 112 scraper plane

The surface of the body is finished with a black japanned finish as common with nearly the whole Stanley range.

Similar versions of the Stanley 112 have been made since the original Stanley 112 plane, these include the Veritas scraping plane, Lie Nielsen scraping plane and the Kunz 112 scraper plane.

The Stanley 112 scraper plane is used to give a surface a super smooth finish.

Plane Construction

stanley scraper plane 112

cast iron

Lever cap:
cast iron

Lever cap securing nut:

Tilting adjuster wheel/nut:

Handle and knob:

Plane finish:

Tool Dimensions

9 inch

1.81 kg (4 lbs)

Plane Markings

"No 112" - found on the body towards the front of the scraper plane.

Manufactured Dates

<1898 - 1934>

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