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A scraper plane is a woodworking hand tool used to scrape a wooden surface of work to a super-smooth even finish leaving very little need of sanding the piece of work.

A scraper plane is also referred to as a scraping plane.

A scraper plane combines a hand plane and a scraper blade to offer a comfortable tool which allows better control and more productivity with less exertion.

Such a tool can be used comfortably for long periods of time.

When To Use A Scraper Plane

A scraper plane is best used after the wood has been prepared using a smoothing plane.

It can be used on any timber even on highly figured timber.

The scraper plane used effectively can turn a smooth finish into a glass like finish.

A scraper planed finish is a lot smoother than a sanded finish because the scraper cuts the grain opposed to sandpaper which dulls the grain.

There have been a few makers of scraper planes in the past, and a few present makers. Below are a list of a few well known scraper plane makers:

Old Scraper Plane Makers:

New Scraper Plane Makers:


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