Stanley Block Plane - No. 18

stanley plane 18
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Stanley 18 Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Stanley

Plane Type: Block

Model No: 18


The Stanley 18 block plane is a 150mm (6 inch) long plane from the Stanley block plane range.

The Stanley 18 is made with a cast iron body which was made with machined and ground sides and sole.

The plane sides have each been given a depression in the centre of each side which has the dual purpose of making the plane design look aesthetically pleasing as well as acting finger / thumb grips when handling the plane.

The plane is also fitted with an alloy front knob to offer the user extra grip and control

stanley 18 plane

The plane is equipped with a 41mm (1 5/8 inch) wide plane cutter which is secured in place with the use of a knuckle joint lever cap. The curvaceous domed shaped lever cap offers a comfortable handle to fit in the palm.

The blade has a fine adjustment mechanism which consists of a lateral lever and a depth adjuster.

The lateral lever adjusts the blade sideways so the user can easily align the blade to the correct alignment if it is skewed. The lateral lever is located at the rear of the plane in the form over a bent wiry piece of metal.

The depth adjuster offers the ability to accurately move the plane blade downwards and upwards in order to set the cutting edge at the precise required cutting position. The depth adjuster is the knurled wheel located at the rear of the plane.

stanley 18 plane

The Stanley 18 has an adjustable mouth which is controlled using the lever under the front knob. The adjustable mouth allows the mouth to be set from a fine mouth through to a coarse mouth.

Note: Ensure to unscrew the front knob slightly before engaging the lever and ensure not to overtighten when re-securing the knob.

A rebranded version of the Stanley 18 block plane was made by Record in the form of the Record 018 block plane.

What Is The Difference Between The Stanley 18 And Stanley 19 Block Planes?

A. An Inch.
The Stanley 19 is one inch longer than the Stanley 18 and as a result is slightly heavier, otherwise they are the same.

Plane Construction

grey cast iron

Lever cap:
grey cast iron

best steel

Depth adjuster wheel/nut:


Plane finish:
black and nickel plated

Stanley 18 Plane Blade / Cutter

Width: 41mm (1 5/8 inch)

Blade Thickness: 2mm

Top Of Blade Shape: Oval, Rounded Corners

Plane Dimensions

150mm (6 inch)

Manufactured Dates

1898 - 1949>


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