Stanley Block Plane - No. 103

stanley plane 103
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Stanley 103 Plane Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Stanley

Plane Type: Block

Model No: 103


The Stanley 103 block plane is quite a small 138mm (5 1/2 inch) long plane from the Stanley block plane range.

The Stanley 103 plane body is made from cast iron which was originally machined and ground to offer flat sides and sole straight from the box.

The plane is fitted with a 32mm (1 1/4 inch) wide plane cutter.

The plane cutter is secured in position with the pierced, domed lever cap.

stanley plane 103

The lever cap is removed/secured by turning this locking wheel which is located under the top portion of the curvaceous lever cap.

When the locking wheel is turned, pressure is placed where the locking wheel meets the blade and where the lever cap meets the cross bar. Once the locking wheel stops turning the lever cap should be locked tight in position and therefore the blade is also locked tight.

The Stanley 103 plane has the ability to make blade depth adjustments with a paddle style depth adjuster mechanism.

The blade depth adjuster is operated by a lever paddle; lift the paddle up for a finer cut, push the paddle down for a deeper cut.

The 103 plane has an in-built short finger pad knob at the front end of the plane to offer the user extra grip and control.

stanley block plane 103

What Is The Difference Between The Stanley 102 and Stanley 103 Block Planes?

The only difference (other than markings) is the Stanley 103 has a blade adjuster. The Stanley 102 has no blade adjustment mechanism.

stanley block plane 103

Plane Construction

stanley 103 plane

Body: grey cast iron

Lever cap: grey cast iron

Blade: best steel

Plane finish: black

Plane Dimensions

Length: 138mm (5 1/2 inch)

Manufactured Dates

<1884 - 1949>

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