Stanley Block Plane - No. 102

stanley block plane 102
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Stanley 102 Plane Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Stanley

Plane Type: Block

Model No: 102


A review of the old Stanley 102 block plane.

The Stanley 102 plane is a small 14cm (5 1/2 inch) plane from the extensive range of Stanley block planes.

The plane is equipped with a lever cap, plane cutter and an in-built short finger pad front knob for extra grip and control.

The Stanley 102 plane has a 32mm (1 1/4 inch) wide plane cutter which is set with the bevel facing upwards.

The blade depth is adjusted by manually setting the blade in the desired position and then locking the blade in place by securing the lever cap.

stanley plane 102

The lever cap secures the blade by turning the adjuster wheel underneath the lever cap. The lever cap wheel has four evenly spread circular holes through the face and has knurled edges.

When the locking wheel is turned, pressure is placed where the locking wheel meets the blade and where the lever cap meets the cross bar. Once the locking wheel stops turning the lever cap should be locked tight in position and therefore the blade is also locked tight.

This style of block plane is sometimes referred to as an 'apron' plane.

The Stanley 102 is very similar to the Marples M 102 and Record 0102 block planes. The most distinguishing characteristic to identify the 102 between the three at a glance is the black finish.

Veritas Tools have produced a modernised version of this style of plane in the form of the Veritas Apron plane.

What Is The Difference Between The Stanley 102 and Stanley 103 Block Planes?

The only difference (other than markings) is the Stanley 103 has a blade adjuster. The Stanley 102 has no blade adjustment mechanism.

The Stanley 102 plane is quite a common plane, more so than the Stanley 103.

Plane Construction

stanley block plane

Body: grey cast iron

Lever cap: grey cast iron

Blade: best steel

Plane finish: black

Stanley 102 Plane Blade / Cutter

Width: 33.5mm

Blade Thickness: 2mm

Number of Grooves: 0

Slot Length: N/A

Slot Width: N/A

Top Of Blade Shape: Oval, Rounded Corners

Blade Markings: Stanley, Made In England

Plane Dimensions

Width (middle): 42mm

Width (front end): 39mm

Width (rear end): 34mm

Length Of Sole: 138mm

Mouth Width: 35mm

Cast Thickness: 2mm

Plane Markings

"102, Made In England" - found on the top face at the rear.

"Quality Stanley Tools" - trade label sticker on lever cap face, if it hasn't worn off

Manufactured Dates

<1884 - 1994>

<2004 - Today = Stanley 102G (red lever cap)


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