Stanley Hand / Breast Drill - No. 905

stanley 905 breast drill
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Stanley 905 Drill Review By: I.Ball

Category: Old Drills

Manufacturer: Stanley

Tool Type: Hand Drill / Breast Drill / Engineers Hand Drill

Model No: 905


The Stanley breast drill number 905 is in appearance, effectively a larger version of the Stanley 803 hand drill but with a breast pad instead of a top handle and a side handle set slightly lower down.

The Stanley 905 is also referred to as an engineers hand drill and a two-speed breast drill.

The Stanley 905 has a hardwood winder handle and detachable side handle with iron parts which are finished in a mix of black japanning, red japanning and nickel plate.

The drill frame is made from an extremely tough malleable iron.

stanley hand drill 905

The adjustable shaped breast plate is designed to be positioned comfortably at the top of the chest.

This positioning of the drill against the body allows extra exertion to be applied while maintaining good control. This control is further assisted by holding the side handle to help maintain stability.

The Stanley 905 hand drill has the option of two different speeds available at its disposal.

The two different gear ratios cater for drilling into different materials with different drill sizes.

The slower speed is more suitable for working tougher materials such as masonry and steel whereas the faster speed is more suited to easier material such as wood.

The chuck has three internal jaws which lock onto drill bits with a shank diameter of 0" - 1/2".

Once the drill piece is locked in place, the drill is operated by repeatedly turning the cranked arm round and round.

This hand powered drill is particularly useful as a back-up for situations where there is no power for power tools or when the battery packs of a power tool have run out.

Manufactured Dates

<1956 - 2000

Drill Also Known As

Stanley 2-Speed Open Gear Breast Drill 905
Stanley 905 Drill
Stanley Breast Drill No. 905
Stanley Engineers Drill No. 905

Your Say..

Frankie - Stanley 905 Breast Drill - I need to find the proper size and thread pitch for bolt/machine screw for the handle, mine is missing. Stanley was not able to provide the information.
An SAE 3/16" mach screw will turn approximately two turns.

Could it be metric?

The drive gear is marked with "Stanley England". I don't know if these drills were manufactured in multiple locations with different specifications.


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