Stanley Bit Brace - No. 73

stanley hand brace 73
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Stanley 73 Bit Brace Review By: I.Ball

Category: Old Braces

Manufacturer: Stanley

Tool Type: Bit Brace

Model No: 73


The Stanley bit brace also referred to as the Stanley ratchet bit brace, the Stanley drill bit brace and the Stanley drill brace is a traditional hand tool which accepts a multitude of bits which are often drill bits but also screwdriver bits, deburring bits and various other rotary bits.

The bits designed for the jaws of this brace usually have a four-sided sloping end which the jaws clamp onto.

The Stanley 73 ratchet bit brace had a wooden button and wooden handle originally. It went on to be made with a plastic button and handle.

stanley brace 73

The Stanley 73 brace had markings such as 'Stanley, Made In England' and 'No. 73 - 10in'. It went on to have markings 'Stanley, Made In England' and '02-742, No. 73-10'.

These braces were usually made in different sizes.

stanley hand drill bit brace 73
stanley brace 73
stanley brace chuck

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