Sargent Block Plane - No. 227

sargent block plane 227
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Manufacturer: Sargent

Plane Type: Block

Model No: 227


The Sargent block plane number 227 is two functioned, double-ended block plane.

The Sargent 127 has a pierced metal lever cap with a curved dome top. The lever cap locking wheel has four circular holes punched through it and a knurled outer edge. The lever cap is removed/secured by turning this locking wheel which is located under the top portion of the curvacious lever cap.

This Sargent block plane has two mouths and two blade beds; one at either end. The forward facing position with the mouth nearest the front of the plane is the standard block plane position. The rear facing position with the mouth virtually at the end of the plane is for use as a bull-nose plane.

The switch of functions is performed by positioning the blade and lever cap in the required bed/mouth.

The walls on the Sargent 127 are much thicker than the Stanley 130 and Record 0130 planes. The walls at the front and back of the Sargent 127 are also taller.

The Sargent 127 block plane has no markings on the plane with the only identifying marking being on the plane blade.

Plane Construction

sargent plane 227

Width: 51mm (2 inch)

Length Of Sole: 195mm (7 3/4 inch)

Width Of Mouth: 44mm

Front knob: wooden

Weight: 766g

Plane finish: black

Sargent 127 Plane Blade / Cutter

Width: 41mm (1 5/8 inch)

Blade Thickness: 2mm

Top Of Blade Shape: snecked with a curved top

Blade Markings: Sargent, No 227, New'Haven CT USA

Manufactured Dates

? - ?


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