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veritas router medium
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Veritas Medium Router Review By: I.Ball

Category: Routers

Manufacturer: Veritas

Tool Type: Router

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The Veritas medium router is a mid-sized router which sits between the small Veritas router and the large Veritas router plane.

The medium router is a unique design to Veritas.

The router has a ductile cast iron body fitted with a stainless steel depth stop and either a 1/4" straight cutter or a 1/2" straight cutter.

The Veritas medium router is capable of housing any of the larger Veritas router plane cutters.

The router is used for cutting, cleaning and smoothing grooves / depressed surfaces parallel with the surface of the work.

The router cutter can be set facing to the front for regular work or it can be set towards the rear for bull-nose work. The forward facing position has a closed mouth for maximum control when bridging recesses.

veritas router medium

The chosen router cutter is placed in the router facing the preferred way, with the stem passing upwards through the collar and with the bevel side of the cutter facing upwards.

Once the cutter is in place, ensure the collar is secured by tightening the collar locking screw.

The router is also equipped with an optional depth stop.

The router can cut up to 25mm (1 inch) deep with the depth stop in place or it can cut up to 45mm (1 3/4 inch) with the depth stop.

The router body has a machined and ground flat sole with the upper side finished with a black finish.

The patented Veritas router plane is made in Canada.

veritas router parts

Router Cutters

The full range of cutters available for the Veritas router medium include:

3/32" Straight Blade

3/16" Straight Blade

1/8" Straight Blade

1/4" Straight Blade

1/2" Straight Blade

1/2" Pointed Blade

3mm Straight Blade

4mm Straight Blade

5mm Straight Blade

6mm Straight Blade

Cautions / Notes

* Important: please refer to the 'disclaimer' at the foot of this review.
* Wearing safety clothing and eye protection is usually a good idea to help protect against injury.

- The blade(s)/cutter(s) is very sharp, take suitable precautions when using/handling/storing the plane/cutter(s) to prevent injury.

- Failure to loosen parts when making adjustments to the plane can result in damage to the plane such as cross-threading screw threads. Never force a part to move.

- Overtightening parts can cause damage to the plane and the plane threads.

Router Construction

stress-relieved ductile cast iron


Router finish:

Router Dimensions

veritas router medium

76mm (3 inch)

89mm (3 1/2 inch)

368 g (13 oz)

Veritas Router Medium Blade / Cutter

Cutter: high-carbon steel (HCS)

Standard Cutters:
- 1/4" Straight Blade
- 1/2" Straight Blade

Manufactured Dates

2015 - Today

Router Also Known As

Middle-Sized Veritas Router
Veritas Routerering Tool
Veritas router medium


- Veritas Tools Inc.


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