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veritas carcass saw
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Veritas Carcass Saw Review By: I.Ball

Category: New Tenon Saws

Manufacturer: Veritas Tools Inc.

Tool Type: Carcass Saw

Model No: Carcass

The Veritas carcass saw review contains detailed information and photos about the carcass saw manufactured by Veritas Tools Inc. of Canada.

The Veritas carcass saw design is a saw positioned between the Veritas dovetail saws and the Veritas tenon saws with a length overall of 16 3/8 inch and a blade length of 11 inch.

The carcass saws are a good general purpose saw used for cutting common joints, small-to-medium tenons and most small'ish sawing jobs.

veritas carcass saw

The Veritas carcass saw is produced with two teeth types:

- Crosscut
- Rip

The crosscut carcass saw is best suited to working across the grain and the rip saw is best suited to working along the grain.

The Veritas carcass saw is constructed with a hardwood handle, a high-carbon blade and black composite spine.

The handle was formerly made from Bubinga which is also known as African Rosewood, a wood which has a rich redness in colour. The photos currently displayed are of the saws when they were made with Bubinga handles. The newer hardwood handles are browner in colour.

The colour can vary slightly with the handles.

The design of the handle is traditionally referred to as an open handle design or a pistol grip handle design.

veritas carcass saw

The handle is attached/secured using a single brass fastener which runs from the base of the handle.

The black spine is formed from a special composite of stainless-steel powder, glass fibre, and advanced polymer.

The stainless-steel gives the spine extra weight, the glass fibre helps to make the spine rigid and the advanced polymer helps bind the composite together.

The finished article results in a saw spine which gives the blade the required tension and strength while also giving extra weight.

The Veritas carcass saw(s) is presented in a cardboard box (usually brown) with a photo picture label on it. The box contains a leaflet about the tool.

Cautions / Notes

* Important: please refer to the 'disclaimer' at the foot of this review.
* Wearing safety clothing and eye protection is usually a good idea to help protect against injury.

- This tool has sharp parts, take suitable precautions when using/handling/storing the tool to prevent injury.

- Failure to loosen parts when making adjustments can result in damage to the tool. Never force a part to move.

- Overtightening parts can cause damage to the tool.


Saw Construction

veritas carcass saw

Handle: Hardwood

Number Of Buttons: N/A

Type Of Buttons: N/A

Blade Markings:

Blade Length: 279mm (11")

Cut Depth: 61mm (2 3/8")

Blade Thickness: 0.5mm

TPI (Teeth Per Inch): 12

Rake: 15 degrees

Teeth Set: included 60 degree angle, teeth filed with alternating 15 degree bevels, teeth have 0.003" of set per side.

Overall Length: 416mm (16 3/8")


Manufactured Dates

2011 - Today


History / Updates

2011 - 2018 - The carcass saw handle was made from Bubinga.

2018-Today - The carcass saw handle was made from what was simply advertised as 'hardwood'.


- Veritas Tools Inc.


(i) Please always refer to and follow the manufacturer's instructions / guidelines / safety notices / cautions and similar notices as the manufacturer's instructions may contain important information on safety, personal safety and the good health of your tool, something to which this review's scope does not guarantee to extend to.
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(iii) The details here are given in good faith, there is scope for error and shouldn't be fully relied upon, please be aware the details may also become out of date due to manufacturer changes to the product, please confirm any details for yourself by performing additional research from reliable sources.

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