Pax Hand Saw - No. 1

pax hand saw 1
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Pax Hand Saw No. 1 Review By: I.Ball

Category: New Hand Saws

Manufacturer: Thomas Flinn & Co. (Sheffield)
Tool Type: Hand Saw
Model No: 1


The Pax Hand Saw no.1 review covers the Pax saw made by Thomas Flinn & Co of Sheffield, England.

The Pax Hand Saw No.1 is a quality, traditional British handsaw made to the original specification of this historic saw.

This beech handled Pax hand saw has been a popular, long running hand saw which has been produced by Thomas Flinn for a number of years with a long history.

The Pax No.1 Hand Saw is made in the following blade sizes:

     - 20 inch
     - 22 inch
     - 24 inch
     - 26 inch

pax hand saw 1

The saw has an alloy steel blade which is taper ground and breasted.

The hand saws are made with a choice of three types:

     - Rip
     - Hand (Crosscut)
     - Panel (Crosscut)

The rip teeth are specialised for cutting with the grain and the crosscut teeth are specialised for cutting across the grain.

The rip saws have 4 1/2 tpi (teeth per inch), the hand saws have 8 tpi (teeth per inch) and the panel saws have 10 tpi (teeth per inch).

The teeth on these saws have been precisely hand sharpened, ready to go. The teeth can be resharpened again and again for a very long life.

pax hand saw 1

The Pax number 1 hand saw has a stunning etching on the saw blade. The etching I would say is the best of all the saws produced by Thomas Flinn. Beyond Thomas Flinn, there are not many saws made today with this detail of etching.

This Pax hand saw is fitted with an attractive two-tone, steamed beech handle with gold leaf foliage pattern.

The handle is secured to the blade using five traditional brass split-nut buttons which sit flush with the handle. One of the buttons has the nice feature of being faced with an old-style medallion.

Note: Should it be needed at any point, split-nuts require a special split-nut screwdriver to make adjustments to them (or the very careful use of two small flat-head screwdrivers at the same time).

The beech handled Pax hand saw has incorporated many of the best features of good traditional hand saws.

This saw will be one which will be wanted to use again and again and will be handed down to many generations to come.

The Pax Hand Saw No.1 is presented in a Pax brown cardboard box with blue writing on. Older versions of this saw were presented in a blue cardboard box with a window to display the saw.

Cautions / Notes

* Important: please refer to the 'disclaimer' at the foot of this review.
* Wearing safety clothing and eye protection is usually a good idea to help protect against injury.

- This tool has sharp parts, take suitable precautions when using/handling/storing the tool to prevent injury.

Saw Construction

pax hand saw

Handle: Beech

Number Of Buttons: 5

Type Of Buttons: Brass, Split-nut

Medallion Markings: 'Warranted Superior'

Blade Markings: 'Pax, The Professional Saw, Perfect Balance & Temper, Made By Thos. Flinn, Sheffield, England, Made From High Carbon Alloy Steel BS1449, No 1'

Manufactured Dates

2000 - Today

History / Updates

Pre-2008/2009 - 2016 - The beech Pax hand saw was presented in a blue presentation box with viewing window.

2016 - Today - The beech Pax hand saw is presented in a brown cardboard presentation box with blue writing.

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