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Henry Taylor Carving Tools Review By: I.Ball

Category: Carving Tools

Manufacturer: Henry Taylor Tools

Tool Type: Wood Carving Tools

Model No: Acorn Brand - Pro and Amateur


The Henry Taylor carving tools proudly bear the Henry Taylor 'Acorn' brand mark.

The 'Acorn' mark represents an instantly recognised world renowned brand made by Henry Taylor Tools since 1834.

These Henry Taylor carving tools are lovingly made with traditional skills combined with modern technology (where necessary).

The carving tools are made purely with British materials including the notorius best quality Sheffield steel.

With the combination of good steel and the steel being heat treated using an advanced treatment, the blade's keep a very good edge.

henry taylor carving tool v

The blades are hand forged just like the best of the old carving tools to ensure that each individual tool has the best metallurgical qualities combined with a correctly shaped blade.

Each carving tool is fitted with a beech handle bearing a Henry Taylor Tools 'Acorn' brand label.

Henry Taylor produce two core ranges of carving tools:

- Professional
- Amateur

Professional - The Henry Taylor 'Pro' carving tools are fitted with 4 3/4" (119mm) blade's with a ground straw coloured inner surface and a charcoal black non-reflective finish on the outer surfaces. The contrast of the colours on the professional range give the tools a real smart look.

Amateur - The Henry Taylor 'Amateur' carving tools are fitted with 3 1/2" (88mm) blade's with a ground straw colour all over; these tools don't have the charcoal black finish which the professional range do and they have shorter blade's.

henry taylor beginner carving tools

The quality of the two ranges are identical.

The professional tools have the advantage of having a longer life due to the extra length of blade, they are also more suited to more intensive, heavier work.

The professional range also consists of a larger selection of tools; types and sizes. This said there is no reason you can't mix and match between the two ranges.

It could be said the amateur carving tools may be slightly more suited to the beginner or smaller hand due to shorter blade being a little easier to control.

The Henry Taylor carving tools are produced in the following types of tools:

henry taylor straight carving tool

     - Chisel
     - Skew
     - Gouge
     - V / Vee / Parting
     - Veiner ('pro' range only)
     - Wing ('pro' range only)
     - Macaroni ('pro' range only)

henry taylor curved carving tool

     - Gouge
     - V / Vee / Parting

henry taylor spoon carving tool

     - Chisel
     - Skew
     - Gouge
     - V / Vee / Parting

henry taylor fishtail carving tool

     - Chisel ('pro' range only)
     - Skew ('pro' range only)
     - Gouge ('pro' range only)
     - V / Vee / Parting ('pro' range only)

Back Bent
     - Gouge ('pro' range only)

Long Pod
     - Chisel ('pro' range only)
     - Skew ('pro' range only)
     - Gouge ('pro' range only)

     - Chisel ('pro' range only)
     - Skew ('pro' range only)
     - Gouge ('pro' range only)

Professional Carving Tool Numbers

The Henry Taylor professional carving tools have a four digit number with the first two numbers being '37' which indicates the tool is a professional range tool, and the last two numbers indicate the traditional sweep number.

e.g. 3701
       37 = 'Pro' range
          01 = Sweep 1

Amateur Carving Tool Numbers

The amateur carving tool numbering is slightly more complicated. The first two numbers '24' indicate the tool is part of the amateur range. The last two numbers indicate the traditional sweep number when you take 10 away from it.

e.g. 2411
       24 = 'Amateur' range
          11 - 10 = 1 = Sweep 1

The carving tools of both ranges are branded with the traditional sweep number on the handle. Some of the slightly older versions of these tools were not branded with the sweep number.

Cautions / Notes

* Important: please refer to the 'disclaimer' at the foot of this review.
* Wearing safety clothing and eye protection is usually a good idea to help protect against injury.

- This tool has sharp parts, take suitable precautions when using/handling/storing the tool to prevent injury.

Manufactured Dates

? - current day


- Henry Taylor Tools.


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(iii) The details here are given in good faith, there is scope for error and shouldn't be fully relied upon, please be aware the details may also become out of date due to manufacturer changes to the product, please confirm any details for yourself by performing additional research from reliable sources.

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