William Marples Mortice Gauge - 2123

william marples mortice gauge 2123
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Manufacturer: William Marples

Tool Type: Mortice Gauge

Model No: 2123


The Rosewood William Marples mortice gauge with an oval head.

We will refer to this gauge as model number 2123 however it should be noted this is a catalogue reference; it will not be seen marked on the mortice gauge.

The head on this mortise gauge differs to many mortise gauges due to the shape and style of the head. The head is oval shaped with a circular brass inlay on the top of the head and a further decorative brass inlay on the face of the head.

The head is secured to the desired position on the stem with the use of a screw located on the face of the head, in the centre of the brass inlay. The screw requires a flat head screwdriver / turnscrew to turn the screw.

The gauge has two scribing pins on one side of the stem which are primarily used for marking mortices; hence the term mortice gauge. The reverse side of the stem has a single pin which is used for other marking uses.

The distance between the two marking points can be adjusted by using the brass thumb screw adjuster at the bottom of the stem.

This Marples mortise gauge was advertised by William Marples as a 'Best Rosewood, Thumbscrew Slide, Plain Oval Head Mortise Gauge'. There was also an Ebony version of this mortise gauge.

Gauge Markings

marples mortice gauge 2123

"W.Marples & Sons" - found on the underside of the stock/head.

Shamrock Symbol - found on the underside of the stock/head.

"Sheffield Eng" - found on the underside of the stock/head.

Gauge Markings

marples mortice gauge 2123

"Hibernia, Sheffield"

This type has a spikey brass inlay around the inlay screws on the mortice gauge head.

Manufactured Dates

? - ? (1929 - 1935)

Gauge Also Known As

William Marples Mortise Gauge
William Marples Mortise And Marking Gauge
William Marples Mortise Marking Tool
Tool For Marking Mortices / Mortises

Are There Any Problems / Issues With This Tool?

Due to the age of these mortise gauges, the marking pins can sometimes be so worn there is nothing left of them; if this is the case a skilled person will need to replace them.

The mortice points adjuster can sometimes become seized or cross-threaded making the mortice gauge function redundant.


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