Wooden Tongue And Groove Planes

wooden tongue and groove planes
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Plane Type: Tongue And Groove


The old British wooden tongue and groove planes were sold as a matching pair and are sometimes referred to as matching planes.

The two planes complement each other with the tonguing plane producing a tongue and the grooving plane producing a corresponding groove which matches and marries with the tongue produced to create what is known as a tongue and groove joint.

The grooving plane has the steel skate on the sole. The tonguing plane is the plane with a rectangular hollow running down the centre of the sole.

Tongue and groove joints are often seen on the edges of flooring / floorboards.

old wooden tongue and groove planes

A pair of tongue and groove planes is suitable for work on one sized board. If tongue and grooves are needed on different sized boards, different sized pairs of tongue and groove planes are needed. Generally tongue and groove planes are produced in sizes: 13mm (1/2 inch), 16mm (5/8 inch), 19mm (3/4 inch), 22mm (7/8 inch) and 25mm (1 inch).

As a general rule, the thickness of the grooving plane cutter is about one third of the size of the board's thickness.

The grooving plane was also regularly bought individually, please see the grooving plane review for more information.

old wooden tongue and groove planes

Old Tongue And Groove Plane Manufacturers

There are many, many manufacturers of tongue and groove planes, below is a list of some of the makers:

- Atkins
- Buck
- Greenslade
- Griffiths
- Marples (William)
- Mathieson
- Moseley
- Nurse
- Preston (Edward)
- Varvill

The makers mark is usually found on the front nose (though sometimes they have been removed and not to be mistaken with previous owners name stamps). If the plane is quite mucky or you hadn't realised, this is the place to look to try and identify who made it and if you wish to delve deeper there are a few books out there to help identify the age / date of the plane.

tongue and groove planes

The authority of these books (at the time of writing this) has to be Jane Rees 'British Planemakers - 4th Edition'. The 'British Planemakers fom 1700 - Third Edition' is also good if you come across a secondhand copy.

Planes were designed which combined the function of the two planes into one plane. These combined tongue and groove planes were produced as a wooden tongue and groove combination plane, as iron versions such as the Stanley 48 tongue and groove plane and recently as the Lie Nielsen tongue and groove plane number 48.

Manufactured Dates

<1780 - 1950>

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