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wooden scrub plane with horn
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Tool Type: Wooden Planes

Plane Type: Scrub


This style of wooden scrub plane was used for rougher work to prepare the timber for the finer smoothing work.

As the plane is used for rough work, it is also known as a 'roughing plane'.

The defining features of these wooden scrub planes are they usually have a single blade, the blade has a curved cutting edge, and the plane has a big mouth. The large mouth allows lots of wood shavings to pass through the mouth quickly and easily.

Note: The style of wooden plane doesn't matter, what counts are the characteristics above.

wooden scrub plane sole

The scrub plane is useful for planing down a board which is too wide to conventionally rip with a hand saw; this process used to be known by the term "hogging".

This style of wooden scrub plane is a European / continental design. This plane design continued to be popular, particularly in Europe through the 20th century and continues to be so today with plane makers such as the German maker, ECE, producing a wide range of this style of wooden plane.

On the whole, the British plane makers plane designs of pre-1950's were totally different to the rest of Europe however this continental style of wooden horned plane was introduced as part of some British makers plane ranges (1800's - pre-1950's).

The scrub plane was also produced in iron form with the Stanley 40 scrub plane and is produced today in the form of the Veritas scrub plane.

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