Wooden Moving Fillister Planes

wooden moving fillister plane
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Tool Type: Wooden Planes

Plane Type: Moving Fillister Rebate / Rabbet


The old British wooden fillister plane, also known as the moving fillister plane is an adjustable plane designed for rebate / rabbet work.

The moving fillister plane has a small adjustable fence located underneath the plane to aid in setting the width of the rebate / rabbet. The fence is released and secured with the use of two screws running through the bottom of the fence.

The wooden fillister plane also has a depth stop which is usually brass (sometimes steel). The depth stop is used to set the depth of the rebate.

The cutter is set on a skew as this produces the best cut on difficult grain / cross grain. The cutter sits with the side of the blade protruding a fraction from the side of the mouth / mouth window so the plane can cut right into the corner of the rebate / rabbet.

old wooden moving fillister plane

The fillister plane is equipped with a nicker which sits just in front of the main cutter, at the side of the plane with the point of the nicker sitting just proud of the sole.

Both the plane cutter and the nicker are secured in place with wood wedges.

The wooden moving fillister planes are usually made from beech and usually have a boxwood section which runs the length of the plane on part of the sole and edge where the nicker and blade are.

The nose shows the profile of the boxwood strip which can differ from plane-to-plane with some profiles being very elaborate.

The purpose of the boxwood strip is to help extend the life of the plane. Boxwood is a much more hard wearing wood than beech as such it can sustain more rigourous activity.

Old Moving Fillister Plane Manufacturers

There have been numerous makers of the old wooden moving fillister plane, below is a list of some of the manufacturers:

Marples (William)

New Moving Fillister Plane Manufacturers

As with most wooden planes, the wooden moving fillister plane went on to be developed into an iron plane in some form. Stanley was the largest company which transformed the greatest range of wooden planes into iron plane versions, one of which was a metal version of the fillister plane in the form of the Stanley 78 plane. The Stanley 78 rabbet fillister plane is still produced today.

There are however a couple of makers who still produce new wooden moving fillister planes:

ECE (Germany)
Philly Planes (England)

Manufactured Dates

? - ?

YOUTUBE VIDEO: Cutting a Rabbet Joint with a Moving Fillister Hand Plane

YouTube video with YouTuber 'Will' showing his moving fillister plane in action cutting a rebate / rabbet...


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