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wooden dado plane
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The wooden dado plane is an old traditional woodwork hand plane designed for planing grooves across the grain.

Wooden dado planes were prevelant in the latter half of the 1700's and the whole of the 1800's, so much so they still apear fairly regularly all of these years on.

Wooden dado planes consist of a two blades; a front nicker blade and rear skewed plane iron.

The front nicker scores / slices / nicks the wood and the rear skewed plane iron shaves the wood just prepared by the front nicker.

Wooden dado planes have a skew mouth due to a plane cutter set at a skewed angle planes with smoother results when planing across the grain.

old wooden dado planes

The depth stop design was produced in two main styles, a wooden pole or a metal shoe.

The wooden pole depth stop was usually a wooden pole adjusted by tapping either end of it lightly with a small mallet/hammer.

The metal shoe depth stop was usually made from brass adjusted with the use of a brass thumbscrew.

The depth stop usually adjusts to a depth of about 5/8".

A wooden dado plane sole is narrower than the overall width of the plane. It is the width of the sole which gives the size of the plane / the size the plane cuts. This size is usually stamped on the rear of the plane which if you are lucky will give the size as a fraction of an inch e.g. 1/4". In the 1/4" example, it may also be marked as 2/8 which equates to 1/4" or they can be just marked with a single number. I need to examine the planes some more but I think '1' = 1/4", '3' = 3/8", '5' = 1/2".

old wooden dado plane

The cutter spans the full width of the sole with open cheeks similarly but not the same as a rabbet/rebate plane. On the dado plane one of the side openings is more open on one side than the other giving the result of a skewed opening. This skewed throat throws the resulting shavings / chippings out of the larger opening.

old wooden dado plane

Old Wooden Dado Plane Manufacturers

There are various makers of old wooden dado planes, below is a list of some of the plane manufacturers:


old wooden dado plane

Manufactured Dates

1700's - 1940's

old wooden dado plane
old wooden dado plane

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