Stanley Combination Square - No. 21

stanley square 21
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Stanley Combination Square No. 21 Review By: I.Ball

Category: Old Squares

Manufacturer: Stanley

Tool Type: Square

Model No: 21


The Stanley square number 21 is a combination square with a sliding, adjustable rule, it was advertised as the 'Stanley Combination Try And Mitre Square'.

The Stanley 21 combination square was available with blade sizes:

   - 6"
   - 9"
   - 12"

The blade was marked out in inches with various increments in the measurement markings depending on which edge you wish to use, these include: 1/8", 1/16" and 1/32" increments.

The rule is locked in place with the use of the locking pin by turning the knurled nut/wheel.

The solid, heavy stock has an inbuilt level bubble and marking pin which slots in the heel of the stock.

The stock can be used for marking 45 and 90 degree angles.

Square Markings

"Stanley" - found on the face of the rule.

"Made In USA" - found on the face of the rule.

"Pat 1984951"

Manufactured Dates

<1929 - 1958>


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