Stanley Hand Scraper - No. 80

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Stanley 80 Review By: M.Hat

Manufacturer: Stanley

Tool Type: Hand Scraper

Model No: 80


The Stanley no. 80 cabinet scraper is made from cast iron with a black japanned finish and nickel plated fittings.

The cabinet scraper is an essential part of joiners and cabinet makers tool kit and is used to scrape a surface of work to a smooth even finish leaving very little need of sanding the piece of work.

The cutter edge of the blade should be set to an angle of around 45 degrees.

To make the blade work more efficiently an adjuster screw can be tightened on the front centre section of the scraper to bow and tension the blade. The Stanley no. 80 scraper has a fixed blade pitch, unlike the more superior Stanley no. 12 and 112 scrapers which can be finely adjusted though these models come at a higher price.

Alternatively you can make your own cabinet scraper by cutting a rectangular section from an old saw blade and using this blade in your bare hands as a cabinet scraper like many woodworkers. There are disadvantages of doing this in that if you scrape too fast your thumbs will often start burning due to the blade heating up, this is no problem with the Stanley no. 80 scraper with its two handles.

What Is This Tool Used For?

The Stanley 80 scraper is used for finishing work such as cabinets, joins in wood etc. to a smooth finish, leaving only the need for fine sanding.

Scraper Construction

Overall Length: 11 inch - 11 1/2 inch

Body: cast iron

Scraper Blade Width: 2 3/4 inch

Scraper Blade: best steel

Scraper finish: black

Manufactured Dates

<1900 - 1994>

How To Date This Tool

Early versions of the Stanley 80 scraper had a curved edge.

early stanley scraper 80

early stanley scraper 80

The Stanley 80 scraper went on to be developed with a squared edge. In 1934 a new model number was added along side the Stanley 80 in the form of the Stanley 80M. The 'M' part of the 80M meaning 'malleable iron'; a material which is advertised as virtually unbreakable. The Stanley 80 and 80M were 11 inches long at this time.

Later versions of the Stanley 80 scraper were slightly longer than earlier versions at 11 1/2 inches in length.

In 1958 the length of the 80 and 80M was 11 1/2 inches.

stanley scraper 80


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