Stanley Rebate Plane - No. 10 1/2

stanley rebate plane
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Stanley 10 1/2 Plane Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Stanley
Plane Type: Rebate / Rabbet / Carriage Makers
Model No: 10 1/2


The Stanley 10 1/2 plane is a 9" smoothing rebate plane which is also referred to as a Stanley bench rabbet plane and was originally listed as a Stanley Carriage Makers Plane No. 10 1/2.

The Stanley 10 1/2 has a mouth which spans the full width of the plane with the open sides.

These openings on the sides are in place so the plane blade edge reaches right across the full width of the plane. This feature makes the plane well suited to rebate work.

The Stanley 10 1/2 is a cast iron plane equipped with a carriage makers plane blade, cap iron, lever cap, and hardwood handle and front knob.

The earlier Stanley 10 1/2's had a shorter front knob, these planes are often referred to as low knob Stanley 10 1/2 planes.

The plane blade and the cap iron are specific to this type of carriage makers plane.

The blade and cap iron are a special 'T' shape in order to fit into the plane wall openings.

The Stanley 10 1/2 plane blade and cap iron also fits the Stanley 10.

The Stanley 10 Plane is a longer version of the Stanley 10 1/2.

See the Stanley 4 Plane Review for additional general details about the common parts of this plane.

The Stanley 10 1/2 plane was manufactured for a long time, as a result this plane is fairly common.

Plane Dimensions

228mm (9 inch)

54mm (2 1/8 inch)

Blade Width:
54mm (2 1/8 inch)

Manufactured Dates

1898 - 1986?

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