Stanley Chamfer Plane - No. 72

stanley 72 plane
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Manufacturer: Stanley

Plane Type: Chamfer

Model No: 72


The Stanley Chamfer plane number 74.

The Stanley Chamfer Plane No. 72 is a specialist hand plane designed as the name suggests for working chamfers.

It offers an easy way of making controlled chamfering with the benefits of the plane format.

The Stanley 72 Chamfer Plane is constructed from cast iron, with black japanned body, fitted with Rosewood rear handles and Rosewood front knob.

The sole is a Vee shape, shaped perfectly for chamfers.

stanley 72 chamfer plane

Some of the Stanley 72's made in the later manufacturing years had an additional bullnose attachment.

The Stanley 72 is fitted with a 41mm (1 5/8") plane blade which is set on a 50 degree frog bed with the plane blade's bevel facing downwards.

Stanley treated the blade / blade setting more like a simple block plane with the plane having no cap iron or fine blade adjustment mechanism.

The Stanley 72 allows the cutting of chamfers from 6mm (1/4") up to 32mm (1 1/4") wide.

stanley 72 chamfer plane

The chamfer size setting is achieved by sliding the front section up or down.

The front section is locked / released by using the bathroom tap like locking nut located behind the front section.

The Stanley Chamfer Plane No. 72 was produced for over 50 years from 1885 - 1938.

From at least <1912 there was an option for an additional attachment with six cutters for beading, reeding or moulding a chamfer. These cutters had various different profiles with the profiles cut sharp at each end of the cutter. This extra attachment is the Stanley 72 1/2 chamfer plane beading attachment.

As the 72 had such a long manufacturing period these planes do crop up on the market more often than some of the same era however they don't hang around if priced correctly because of their popularity from collectors due to their age and unusuality, and their popularity from users because of their usefulness.

Plane Construction

stanley 72 plane parts

Body and frog:
high grade cast iron

Lever cap:
high grade cast iron

Cap iron:
best quality steel

crucible cast steel

Handle and knob:

Plane finish:

stanley 72 chamfer plane

Plane Dimensions

9 inch

51mm (2")

Plane Markings

"Stanley" - found on the side of plane at rear.

"No.72" - found on the side of plane at rear.

Manufactured Dates

1885 - 1938

stanley 72 plane

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