Sargent Side Rebate Plane - No. 81

sargent side rebate plane 81
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Sargent 81 Plane Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Sargent

Plane Type: Side Rabbet / Side Rebate

Model No: 81


The Sargent side rebate plane 81, also referred to as the Sargent side rabbet plane, is a 107mm (4 1/4") long by 57mm (2 1/4") wide specialist plane designed to assist cabinet makers in accurately trimming dados, grooves, moulds and similar tasks.

This specialist plane has two skewed cutters set at a very low angle. The plane is set with a blade on each side so it can be used in a left or right handed situation.

The nose of the 81 can also be removed to allow trimming right into a corner of a piece of work such as on a stop groove.

sargent 81 side rabbet plane

The cutters are set in the plane with their bevel edges facing upwards.

The cutters must be kept very sharp to ensure the best results.

When sharpening, it is only the forward cutting edge bevel which needs sharpening (not the sides).

It is important the tip of the blade doesn't protrude beyond the skate, if it does protrude, it will need filing back. Care must also be taken when sharpening the blades to ensure the cutting edge of each blade mirrors the plane mouth(s) profile.

Both blades are secured with a single bridging clamp piece. The clamp is secured / removed by turning the thumb screw located on top of the clamp.

sargent 81 plane

The Sargent 81 was fitted with a Rosewood knob, offering the user a good means of gripping and controlling the plane to help ensure good results.

The 81 rebate plane and its parts were finished with a nickel plating. This finish was designed to give the plane a bright, shiny look while having the function of helping protect the plane from rust.

The nickel plating can be prone to coming off with time, usually it is small partial loss.

The Sargent 81 is almost identical in design to the Edward Preston small side rabbet plane and the Record 2506 side rabbet plane.

A modern version of the Sargent 81 plane has been produced in the form of the Veritas side rabbet plane.

Plane Construction

sargent 81 side rabbet plane

cast iron

cast iron

best steel


Plane finish:
nickel plate

Plane Dimensions

Length: 107mm (4 1/4 inch)

Width: 57mm (2 1/4 inch)

Plane Markings

"Sargent, No. 81, Pat'd 7.21.14" - found on the rear of the plane.


"Sargent No 81, VBM" - found on the rear of the plane.

Manufactured Dates

? - ?

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