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Record T5 Plane Review By: I.Ball

Category: Old Jack Planes

Manufacturer: Record

Plane Type: Jack

Model No: T5


The Record jack plane number T5 otherwise known as a Technical jack plane is unique in design. The plane has some distinguishing features, the most obvious being a wooden handle which can be fitted on either side of the plane.

The wooden side handle has a threaded screw which locates in a threaded hole in either side of the plane. The wooden handle was made from Rosewood on earlier models and stained Beech on later models.

Other differing features from standard jack planes include: the sides of the plane were made taller with strengthening ribs, the handle and knob poistion were strengthened with ribs in the casting and also the rear handle was positioned a little further back.

The purpose of these features were to make the plane sturdier and easier to use for school/college pupils and amateur users.

The ribbing made the T5 plane less susceptible to breakages, the high sides make the plane easy to use with a shute board and the side handle makes it easier to use when the plane is used on its side.

The T5 is 33cm (13 inch) in length, which is approximately one inch shorter than most number 5 jack planes. This inch was taken off of the rear of the plane.

Additional Information

record t5 plane

This sturdily built Jack Plane has been specially designed to meet the requirements of Schools and Technical Colleges, where good tools are essential and conditions arduous.

The sole casting is designed for strength without undue weight. It is reinforced by ribbing across the wings from an enlarged forward web. The base and sides are machine-ground for easy and accurate work.

The operation of shooting is considerably simplified by the provision of an extra handle which can attached to either side of the T5 plane.

Extended wings give a wide and steady bearing thus minimising the tendency of a young operator to cant the plane over.

The instructor's time spent in maintenance and the time required for grinding, sharpening and setting is but a fraction of that required on a wood jack plane.

Plane Construction

record plane t5

Length: 33cm (13 inch)

Weight: 2.27kg (5lbs)

Body and frog: high grade cast iron

Lever cap: high grade cast iron with a plated finish

Cap iron: best quality steel

Blade: crucible cast tungsten steel

Depth adjuster wheel/nut: brass

Handle and knob (earlier models 1930's - 1940's): rosewood

Handle and knob (later models 1950's - 1970's): selected hardwoods

Plane finish: blue

Plane Markings

"Record" - found on the top face at the very front.

"T5" - found on the top face at the front, behind the knob.

"Made In England" - found on the top face at the rear end, between the handle and side wall.

"Record" - found on the lever cap face.

record trademark 1 "Genuine Record Made In England Trade Mark" (Blue background with gold border and gold letters) - found on the trade label on top of the rear handle (if still present) = 1930's - 1957

record trademark 2 "Genuine Record Made In England" (Blue background with gold border and gold letters) - found on the trade label on top of the rear handle (if still present) = mid-to-late 1950's to the early 1960's

record trademark 3 "Genuine Record Made In England" (Transparent background with gold border and gold letters. Record is in transparent lettering with a gold surrounding rectangle with rounded corners) - found on the trade label on top of the rear handle (if still present) = 1960's and 1970's

Manufactured Dates

1939 - 1977

How To Date This Plane

record frog

Each plane shows a number of clues to help identify the age of the plane. Two of the clues are: the type of wood used for the handles and the type of trade label found on the rear handle (if it is still present). The information for these clues are shown above.

Another clue is the type of frog. Earlier Record frogs had a flat face. This type of frog was produced 1930's - 1959 (shown in photo).

Later Record frogs had a number of recesses. These types of frogs were made from 1960 onwards (shown in the plane construction section photo).

These clues are exactly that. Each clue is an indication towards the date. Parts can be changed over time so these clues are not full-proof on their own. However the more clues you can identify the stronger the dating evidence becomes.

Other clues to finding out the manufacturing date of your Record T5 plane include the the type of Record box/packaging (if still present), the blade (if it is original) and to some degree the paint colour.

For more information view the 'how to date a Record plane' on the Record Plane Reviews website.

Plane Also Known As

Record T5 Plane
Record T5 Jack Plane
Record Technical Plane
Record Technical Jack Plane


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