Record Bullnose Plane - No. 077

record 077 bullnose plane
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Record 077 Plane Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Record

Plane Type: Bullnose, Rebate / Rabbet

Model No: 077


The Record 077 bull-nose plane is a 4" (10.2cm) adjustable, fixed nose bull-nose rebate plane.

The plane is made from cast iron and finished with a nickel plating.

The body cast is one solid piece with a fixed nose unlike the similar alternative Record 077A bull-nose plane which has a removable front nose.

The plane can be used left or right handed and can be laid perfectly flat and used on either of its sides to trim rebates, shoulder lines and tenons.

record 077 plane

The plane has curved areas on top of the plane offering added comfort and control.

The Record 077 bull-nose plane is equipped with a blade adjusting mechanism. The blade adjuster control is located at the rear of the plane in the form of a knurled nut. The adjuster is used to control the depth at which the blade will cut.

The plane is fitted with a shouldered tungsten steel 077 plane blade. The cutting edge is 1 1/8" (2.9cm) wide with a bevel edge. The top of the blade has a slot to allow the blade adjuster to locate with the blade. The blade sits in the plane with the bevel edge side facing upwards.

The blade is held firmly in place with the use of the securing cap / lever cap. The cap locks the blade in place by locating the securing cap into the two notches in the plane body and then turning until tight the knurled securing wheel located on the underside of the securing cap. Ensure the cap is loose when using the blade adjuster to help prevent damage to the plane.

The Record 077 plane was presented in a varnished Record wooden box. The box had a sliding lid with the writing 'Record Tools, Made In England' on the lid, it also had a yellow label at the end of the box detailing the plane information.

record 077 plane

It is fairly common to find the plane with partial nickel plating cover or even no plating cover as it is prone to coming off through years of use.

The Record 077 plane is quite an uncommon plane due to the fairly short manufacturing period in the 1930's until it was pulled from production in the middle of World War II (1943). It is also probably quite uncommon because the 077A model proved the more successful of the two due to its additional chisel plane function.

This model of plane has more recently been revived in the form of the Clifton 770 Bullnose Plane. Like the Record 077, the Clifton 770 is also a fixed nose bullnose plane.

Note: Some versions of the alternative Record 077A bullnose plane with detachable nose had the markings 'No 077' on the plane, although the markings say 'No 077', the plane is in fact the No 077A due to the detachable nose.

record 077 plane

Plane Construction

record 077 plane

Body: high grade cast iron

Lever cap: high grade cast iron

Plane finish: nickel plating

Record 077 Plane Blade / Cutter

Material: tungsten steel

Width (bottom): 28mm (1 1/8 inch)

Top Of Blade Shape: Squared, with open window slot

Record 077 Plane Markings

"No 077" - found at the bottom of one side towards the back end.

"Record British" - found on the lever cap face with a blue background.

Plane Dimensions

102mm (4 inch)

28mm (1 1/8 inch)

570g (1 1/4lb)

Manufactured Dates

1933 - 1943

Plane Also Known As

Record 077 rebate plane
Record 077 rabbet plane
Record 077 one-piece bull nose plane

Are There Any Problems / Issues With This Tool?

Things that are worth checking for when buying an old secondhand Record 077 plane are: is there much life left in the plane blade, is there any heavy pitting on the smooth side of the blades cutting edge area, is there any cast damage/welding and are there any chips/damage to the plane mouth.

record 077 plane
record 077 plane


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