Record Bullnose Plane - No. 075

record 075 plane
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Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Record

Plane Type: Bullnose, Rabbet / Rebate

Model No: 075


Verdict: "A basic but useful little bullnose plane for its budget price. The blade adjustment on the Record no. 075 is made by hand. The 075 plane can get in close to corners and has an adjustable mouth."

The Record 075 plane is a small 10cm long, two-piece bullnose rebate plane.

The plane is made-up of an upper blue coloured section and a lower cast iron section. The bottom half of the lower section is exposed natural steel, the top half of the lower section has the blue Record japanned finish.

The front of the 075 plane has a curved nose with a window to the cutting area.

record plane 075

The plane is designed with it's blade positioned very close to the end of the plane with only a short sole in front of the blade's cutting edge. This allows the plane to be used almost all of the way into a corner.

The plane blade's cutting edge spans the full width of the plane with the bevel edge side facing upwards.

The mouth's opening can be adjusted by loosening the large screw at the top of the plane, located just behind the top part of the blade. This screw is also used to adjust the depth of the cut by hand. The setting of this Record bullnose plane's mouth and the blade is done manually without the use of fine adjustment mechanisms.

The Record 075 bull-nose plane is almost identical to the Edward Preston 75 plane and the Stanley 75 plane, the only real difference being the colour and the markings.

Plane Construction

record bullnose plane 075

Body: high grade cast iron

Lever cap: high grade cast iron

Setting Screw Type:: chunky flat head

Setting Screw Diameter:: 9mm (3/8")

Setting Screw Washer:: steel

Setting Screw Washer Diameter:: 14mm

Plane finish: blue

Record 075 Plane Blade / Cutter

Material: tungsten steel

Width (bottom): 25mm (1 inch)

Width (top):

Blade Thickness:

Top Of Blade Shape: Slight Oval, Rounded Corners

Blade Markings:

Plane Dimensions

Length: 102mm (4 inch)

Width:26mm (1 inch)

Mouth Width: 26mm (1 inch)

Height (top of casting): 38mm (1 1/2")

Weight: 0.34kg (3/4lb)

Manufactured Dates

1932 - 1967

Plane Also Known As

Record 075 Plane
Record Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane 075
Small Record Plane 075
Record 075 Rebate Plane
Record 075 Bullnose Plane


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