Paramo Rebate Plane - No. 10

paramo rebate plane
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Paramo 10 Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Paramo

Plane Type: Rebate / Smoothing

Model No: 10 - Planemaster


The Paramo plane number 10 is a 10 inch long plane for rebate / smoothing work.

The plane was manufatured by F. Parramore & Sons (1924) Ltd., Chapeltown, Sheffield, England.

The Paramo 10 plane was advertised as 'no grinding or honing' due to the plane having replaceable tungsten steel blades.

The blades can be changed quickly and locked in position by simply flicking a lever.

The Paramo plane was supplied with a fence which allowed rebate work up to 38mm (1 1/2") wide.

The Paramo Planemaster no. 10 had two types of blades:

PB10 - Standard
PB10 - Special (specially for plastic laminates)

The plane was finished in a dark blue colour and fitted with a hardwood rear handle and front knob.

Parts of the Paramo plane were similar in design and colour to the Record plane range of the time with the exception of the core central unit.

Additional Information

A 10 inch long precision tool of the highest quality, designed and made in Sheffield.

Perfectly balanced for craftsman control.

No grinding or honing.

Unique replaceable blades of tungsten steel changed in 3 seconds and securely locked by the flick of a lever.

Positive micrometer adjustments to give a super-smooth finish on hard or soft woods.

Ideal for use on plastic laminates.

Smoothing and rabbeting with the same plane.

Simple gauge attachment for rebates up to 1 1/2" wide.

There were two types of blade for the Paramo Planemaster:

PB10 - Standard
PB10 - Special (specially for plastic laminates)

Manufactured Dates

? - ? (1967)

Are There Any Problems / Issues With This Tool?

The life of the use of the Paramo 10 plane is linked to the availability of the blades. From my experience, you need to find a plane with lots of unused blades as these blades are not available to buy any more.

Your Say..

Oldgit - I've just acquired one of these planes at a boot sale in vgc, complete with a couple of spare blades. Used it already for a job requiring planing right up to a shoulder. The Stanley RB108 planes fit this plane too and are still available.


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