Norris Infill Smoothing Plane - No. A6

norris plane a6
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Norris A6 Plane Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Norris
Plane Type: Infill, Smoothing
Model No: A6


The Norris A6 plane is 7 1/2" long dovetailed infill smoothing plane.

The Norris A6 is fitted with a Norris of London parallel iron plane blade, cap iron, gunmetal screw cap and a blade adjuster

The plane body on the A6 is referred to as a parallel side body. The plane body is also referred to as dovetailed; the name given to a body where the sole has been joined to the sides with the use of dovetail joints. The dovetails can usually faintly be seen at the base of the plane sides and sole.

The plane is stuffed with Rosewood infills which consist of a front bun and a closed rear handle.

norris plane a6

The rear handle has the blade adjuster neatly built into a suitably sized recess allowing the handle to remain as a closed handle.

The blade adjuster allows the blade to be accurately adjusted laterally and moved upwards and downwards to set the depth of cut.

This plane usually has quite a deep mouth to cater for the thick Norris cutter.

The 'A' in the model 'A6' stands for 'Adjustable'.

The Norris planes were the 'Rolls Royce' of their day and are still considered in high esteem today.

Plane Dimensions

192mm (7 1/2")

63mm (2 1/2")

Plane Markings

"Norris A6 London, Patent Adjustable" - found on the face of the gunmetal securing cap.

"Norris London, Patent, No 199198-22" - found on the face of the gunmetal blade adjuster nut.

"Norris London" - found on the top of the blade.

Manufactured Dates

? - ?


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