Veritas Standard Marking Gauge

veritas standard marking gauge
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Veritas Standard Marking Gauge Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Veritas Tools

Tool Type: Marking Gauge

Model No: Standard


The Veritas Standard Marking Gauge, also known as the Veritas Standard Wheel Marking Gauge is the standard entry level marking gauge in the Veritas gauge range.

Veritas Tools (of Canada) have as always done a fantastic job of putting their modern sleek stamp on this style of marking gauge and making it look cool and stylish while making sure the tool works well while being competetively priced for a tool which if looked after should last a long time.

To aid in the longevity of the Veritas marking gauges, the wheel can be resharpened on a sharpening stone and beyond this Veritas sell replacement marking gauge wheels.

These replacement wheels are standardized as such are interchangeable with any of the single rod Veritas marking gauges and one of the arms of Veritas Dual Wheel Marking Gauge (link).

The wheel cutter is easy to replace with it being held in place with a single screw.

veritas standard marking gauge

The Veritas Standard Marking Gauge is made with a single steel rod, a brass head and a hardened steel wheel cutter located at the top of the rod.

The gauge can be adjusted by sliding the head up or down the rod to the desired position before locking the head in position with the knurled locking nut. The sliding action on the rod is good with a light but constant friction applied resulting in good, easy control.

The Veritas Standard Marking Gauge like the Veritas Micro-Adjust Marking Gauges and Veritas Dual Marking Gauge and most other marking gauges is used to mark/scribe a constant marking on a piece of work at a set distance.

For a simple example if you require to scribe a marking on your work 76mm (3") from the edge of a piece of board for the whole length of the piece of the board, you would set the brass gauge head to 76mm (3") from the cutter, lock the head in place with the knurled nut and you are ready to mark by placing the brass head face against the edge of the piece of board and drawing the tool along the length of board resulting in the board being scored by the cutter wheel. The result being a line drawn 76mm (3") from the edge of the board for the whole length of the board.

The gauge can be used on pieces of work with the grain or cross-grain.

The Veritas Standard Marking Gauge is made by Veritas with either a plain rod or a rod graduated in measurement marking to 6" with 1/16" increments. At the time of writing this review I have only seen the plain rod Veritas Standard Marking Gauge in the UK with the main UK distributor only selling the plain rod version.

This patented marking gauge has similarities to old marking gauges such as the Stanley 90 Marking Gauge and some other old marking gauges some of which had disc cutters.

History seems to suggest in the past these weren't the preferred style of marking gauge (at least in the UK) based upon my family's history with working with and buying and selling secondhand tools, the preferred marking gauges for 100's of years were wooden marking / mortice gauges or wooden and brass marking / mortice gauges such as the Marples Mortice / Marking Gauges which still remain ever popular today.

Veritas however are heavily challenging the traditional marking gauge market, so much so that other makers are making marking gauge designs similar to the Veritas marking gauge.

The Veritas Standard Marking Gauge at the time of writing this review is supplied in a plastic box container after previously being supplied in a Veritas cardboard box.

Given the plastic problem the world faces, I found it disappointing when Veritas moved to plastic packaging on this item and hold hope they may return to cardboard or some more evironmentally friendly packaging soon.

Cautions / Notes

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- This tool has sharp parts, take suitable precautions when using/handling/storing the tool to prevent injury.

- Failure to loosen parts when making adjustments can result in damage to the tool. Never force a part to move.

- Overtightening parts can cause damage to the tool.

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<1999 - Today

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