Veritas Dual Wheel Marking Gauge

veritas dual-wheel marking gauge
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Veritas Dual Wheel Marking Gauge Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Veritas Tools

Tool Type: Marking Gauge

Model No: Dual Wheel


This Veritas Dual Wheel Marking Gauge review covers the dual wheel marking gauge manufactured by Veritas Tools of Canada.

The Veritas Dual Wheel Marking Gauge is a multi-function marking gauge which can be used for many marking jobs including marking mortice and tenon joints, marking single cutting lines and cutting lines for chisel positions.

The Veritas Dual Wheel Marking Gauge is effectively equivalent to the traditional mortice and marking gauges such as the Marples mortice and marking gauges.

There have been similar style mortice gauges to the Veritas Dual Wheel Marking Gauge made through history including to name a few:

veritas dual-wheel marking gauge

Stanley 91 Dual Marking Gauge
Stanley 98 Dual Marking Gauge
Tyzack Dual Marking Gauge

Veritas Tools (of Canada) have once again created a modern, stylish marking gauge while ensuring the tool functions well while being competetively priced for a tool which if looked after should last a long time.

The Veritas Dual Wheel Marking Gauge has two rods which work independent of each other.

One rod is fitted with a cutting wheel with a bevel on the outside and the other rod is fitted with a cutting wheel on the inside edge.

veritas dual-wheel marking gauge

To aid in the longevity of the Veritas marking gauges, the wheels can be resharpened on a sharpening stone and beyond this Veritas sell replacement marking gauge wheels.

The Veritas Dual Gauge has two different types of cutter wheel (inside cutter wheel and outside cutter wheel) so ensure you are buying the correct one.

Unlike other mortise gauges, the cutters on the Veritas Dual Marking Gauge are used independently, scribing just one line at a time. As a result, this marking gauge can be used anywhere a project requires repeated marking of two dimensions.

veritas dual-wheel marking gauge

This gauge can be used as a single marking gauge; to use the Veritas Dual Marking Gauge as a single marking gauge, drop one of the arms (and lock in place) so the cutter is flush with the head face.

In most instances the arm with the outside cutter is used for the single marking function. There is the odd job you may wish to use the inside cutter as a single marking gauge, an example of using the inside cutter is for thicknessing a piece of work.

The Veritas Dual Wheel Marking Gauge at the time of writing this review is supplied in a plastic box container.

Given the plastic problem the world faces, I found it disappointing Veritas use plastic packaging on this item and hold hope they may use cardboard or some more evironmentally friendly packaging soon.

Cautions / Notes

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- Failure to loosen parts when making adjustments can result in damage to the tool. Never force a part to move.

- Overtightening parts can cause damage to the tool.

Manufactured Dates

2011 - Today


- Veritas Tools


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