Lie Nielsen Low Angle Jack Plane - No. 62

lie nielsen low angle jack plane 62
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Lie Nielsen 62 Review By: I.Ball

Category: New Jack Planes

Manufacturer: Lie Nielsen

Plane Type: Jack

Model No: 62

This Lie Nielsen plane review is about the Lie Nielsen 62 low angle jack plane from the Lie Nielsen bench plane range.

The number 62 is a 357mm (14 inch) long plane which is supplied ready to use straight from the box (minor adjustments may be needed to suit individual users).

The Lie Nielsen number 62 plane is based upon the hard to find old Stanley 62 low angle jack plane design with a few Lie-Nielsen branding and material differences.

The Lie Nielsen number 62 plane has a stress relieved ductile iron body which is ground flat and square.

lie nielsen plane 62

Ductile iron is a very tough material which can handle a lot of abuse.

The stress relieving process helps ensure the tool remains to be flat and true through its long life.

The plane is equipped with a blade adjuster, extra thick blade, lever cap, adjustable mouth, wooden rear handle and front knob.

The 51mm (2 inch) wide blade rests on a very low 12 degree face hence the name ‘low angle plane’.

12 degrees is the same angle at which most mainstream low angle block planes are set.

The blade is a super thick blade at 4.5mm (3/16 inch) thick made from A2 cryogenically treated steel.

This treatment ensures the plane blade holds a good edge for a longer time than most lower-cost plane blades.

lie nielsen plane 62

The blade is more than twice as thick as average plane blades and is even thicker than the plane blades on the Lie Nielsen bench planes, numbers 3 - 7. The blade is set with the bevel facing upwards, the same as on block planes.

The thick plane blade combined with the very low angled bed and the blade being set with the bevel facing upwards gives the plane the best chance of producing the best cut without any difficulties.

It is particularly useful for heavier working of cross grain / end grain than a block plane can efficiently cope with due to the extra weight, extra thick cutter and the leverage of the rear handle and front knob.

If the plane is to be used for jobs other than cross grain / end grain work, it would be sensible to have a selection of plane blades each with a different bevel set for different types of work:

       - 25 degrees bevel (standard) = end grain
       - 33 degrees bevel = smoothing
       - 38 degrees bevel = wavy grain
       - Toothed blade = vigorous material removal

lie nielsen toothing plane blade

The blade is secured in position on the bed with the use of a manganese bronze lever cap.

The Lie Nielsen 62 has an adjustable mouth which allows the user to set the mouth for fine work through to coarse work.

The adjustable mouth is controlled in the same way the Stanley 62 plane is operated. At the base of the front knob is a lever which controls the adjustable mouth plate.

The lever is activated by unscrewing the front knob slightly.

Once activated the lever is swivelled which in turn moves the soles mouth plate to form a fine mouth through to a wide open mouth.

Once the desired mouth size has been found, the front knob should be tightened to lock in the lever and therefore the mouth.

Care should be taken not to overtighten the knob to help avoid damage to the thread. Generally a fine mouth is desired as it helps reduce tear out when planing.

lie nielsen 62 plane

The plane is equipped with a fine blade adjustment mechanism which is controlled with the use of the knurled steel nut located at the top of the bed, near the rear handle.

Note: ensure the lever cap is loosened and the mouth is suitably open before making adjustments to avoid damage.

The plane has intentionally made with very little room for lateral blade movement.

The plane is fitted with a hand shaped Cherry rear handle and front knob.

The Lie Nielsen 5 1/2 is supplied in a brown cardboard box with the Lie Nielsen logo on it ‘Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Inc, Heirloom Quality Tools’.


Plane Construction

lie nielsen 62

Lie Nielsen 62 Plane Dimensions

Plane Length: 357mm (14 inch)

Plane Width: 64mm (2 1/2 inch)

Frog Blade Bed: 12 degrees

Overall Cutting Angle (standard): 37 degrees

Lie Nielsen 62 Plane Materials

Body: stress relieved ductile iron

Frog: stress relieved ductile iron

Lever Cap: manganese bronze

Handle and Knob: cherry

Plane finish: black

Lie Nielsen 62 Plane Blade / Cutter

Material: A2 (cryo treated, double tempered to Rockwell 60-62)

Width: 51mm (2 inch)

Blade Thickness: 4.5mm (3/16 inch)

Blade Bevel (standard): 25 degrees

Top Of Blade Shape: square with cut corners

Hardness: 60-62 Rockwell C

Construction Origin: USA


Plane Markings

"Lie Nielsen" - found at the very front of the plane.

"No 62" - found at the front of the plane between the plane mouth and front knob.

"USA" - found at the rear of the plane

"Lie Nielsen" - found on the blade


Optional Extras

Blade - 33 degrees bevel

Blade - 38 degrees bevel

Blade - Toothed

Hot Dog

Plane Sack (Large)


Manufactured Dates

? - Today


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- Lie-Nielsen Tool Works Inc.


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