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lie nielsen block block plane 140
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Lie Nielsen 140 Plane Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Lie Nielsen

Plane Type: Block

Model No: 140


This Lie Nielsen plane review is a review about the Lie Nielsen skew block plane, also referred to as the Lie Nielsen 140 block plane.

The plane is available in a left-hand version or a right-hand version.

The Lie Nielsen 140 skew block plane is a great tool for working difficult wood and leaving a great finish.

This is achieved by operating the heavy bronze weighted plane with its skewed blade lying on a 12 degree low angle bed.

The combination of these elements has been well known for producing great results for a good 150+ years.

lie nielsen plane 140

The Lie Nielsen skew block plane is based upon the classic Stanley 140 block plane made with the Lie Nielsen style, materials and improvements. The Stanley 140 was first made at the end of the 19th century.

These improvements include lowering the angle at which the plane blade lays, adding a fence, and adding nickers / spurs.

The plane body is made from Manganese bronze with a removable steel side wall. The removable wall is only removable on one side. The side which is removable is dependent on whether the plane is the left-hand or right-hand plane.

With this plane there is a fence. I am struggling to think of another named block plane which has a fence which may make this unique or one of a very select few (I think Veritas have a similar plane). The fence allows the size of the rabbet / rebate to be set.

lie nielsen plane 140

The fence also has the option of an additional strip of wood to be added to make the fence larger (as shown in photos). This piece of wood could also be cut at an angle to allow chamfers to be cut.

The fence does not have screw holes to secure an additional wooden fence to it so either drill holes would need to be added to the fence or the use of double sided sticky tape.

The Lie Nielsen 140 is equipped with one circular nicker which can be found on the plane�s side underneath the removable side wall, towards the front end. The nicker / spur can be exposed by 0.010" when required for cross grain work.

It can be used with side wall on or off. If it is to be used with the side wall on then the side wall needs to be removed to get to the nicker / spur so it can be activated and then the side wall put back on.

The plane is fitted with a blade fine adjustment mechanism allowing accurate adjustments to the blade to be made. This adjustment mechanism is controlled by the knurled steel nut located at the very rear of the plane.

Note: ensure the lever cap is loosened before making adjustments to avoid damage.

lie nielsen plane

The 38mm (1 1/2 inch) wide skewed blade locates with the fine blade adjustment mechanism with the blade being locked in place with the use of the bronze lever cap.

The lever cap is secured and released by turning the large solid wheel found underneath the lever cap. The lever cap is shaped with a smooth domed surface making it comfortable in the palm.

It is very important the profile of the blade cutting edge mirrors the profile of the mouth to ensure the best results are achieved with this plane.

The plane is fitted with a flat topped cherry front knob offering extra grip and control.

The Lie Nielsen 140 is presented in a Lie Nielsen cardboard box.

Cautions / Notes

* Important: please refer to the 'disclaimer' at the foot of this review.
* Wearing safety clothing and eye protection is usually a good idea to help protect against injury.

- The blade(s)/cutter(s) is very sharp, take suitable precautions when using/handling/storing the plane/cutter(s) to prevent injury.

- Failure to loosen parts when making adjustments to the plane can result in damage to the plane such as cross-threading screw threads. Never force a part to move.

- Overtightening parts can cause damage to the plane and the plane threads.

Plane Construction

lie nielsen 140

Lie Nielsen 140 Plane Dimensions

Plane Length: mm (6 7/8 inch)

Plane Width: mm (1 7/8 inch)

Weight:: kg (2.15 lb)

Cutter Bed:: 12 degrees

Overall Cutting Angle:: 37 degrees

Lie Nielsen 140 Plane Materials

Body: manganese bronze

Lever Cap: manganese bronze

Knob: cherry

Plane finish: natural

Lie Nielsen 140 Plane Blade / Cutter

Material: A2 (cryo treated, double tempered to Rockwell 60-62)

Width: 38mm (1 1/2 inch)

Blade Thickness: 3mm (1/8 inch)

Blade Bevel (standard): 25 degrees

Top Of Blade Shape: square with cut corners

Hardness: 60-62 Rockwell C

Construction Origin: USA

Plane Markings

"Lie Nielsen" - found at the rear of the plane

"Lie Nielsen" - found on the blade

Manufactured Dates

<1995 - Today

Your Say..


Good evening,

Many thanks regarding the information for this plane. I was wondering if this plane could be used in lieu of a skewed rabbet/moving fillister plane, for rebates? The 140 seems to be a favourite of Rob Cosman for preparing a rebate for setting tails on pins when doing dovetails, but I was thinking if it is in fact a rebate plane with a fence application, could it not fulfill a normal rebate plane function?




It would seem to me that you would run into finger clearance issues once you got a depth around 1/4" . That would seem to be one limitation to me, not having that full hand grip... The bed angle of 12 degrees gives some nice options, but personally I would rather have a #78 I could grip solidly with 2 hands for 'most' rebate work. What constitutes 'most rebate work' will all depend on the user though, right?

This is a nice piece tho. Nice to have the low angle, and the skew blade , all with a rabbet mouth and a little fence. And that knuckle cap is always a favorite design of mine, although this isnt a true knuckle cap release mechanism. I would certainly make room in my toolkit for one if it wandered in the door !! :D


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