Henry Taylor Firmer Gouge

henry taylor firmer gouge
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Henry Taylor Firmer Gouge Review By: I.Ball

Category: Firmer Gouges

Manufacturer: Henry Taylor Tools

Tool Type: Firmer Gouge

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This Henry Taylor Firmer Gouge review covers the Firmer Gouge produced by Henry Taylor Tools of Sheffield, England.

The Henry Taylor Firmer Gouge is a long-standing traditional woodwork gouge of standard carpenters chisel length with a gouge profile.

The firmer gouge is available as an incannel gouge or an outcannel gouge:

Incannel Firmer Gouge - the cutting edge has a bevel ground on the inside.

Outcannel Firmer Gouge - the cutting edge has a bevel ground on the outside.

henry taylor firmer gouge

he most commonly used firmer gouge is the incannel firmer gouge.

The Henry Taylor Firmer Gouge is available in sizes ranging from 1/4" (6mm) - 1" (25mm).

The length of these blades are approximately 120mm - 130mm.

These gouges are made from the long standing Henry Taylor Tools who have been making hand tools since 1834.

The gouges are made using traditional techniques with the blade being carefully forged, correctly hardened and tempered to give a blade that holds a good edge.

henry taylor firmer gouge

The gouge is finished with a dark hardwood handle.

These are made by hand through a series of processes and not in a factory production machine / drop stamping mould.

Having been to the Henry Taylor factory, I can safely say the tools are made using old techniques, traditional tools and old machinery, keeping the golden age of Sheffield tool making alive.

Usually supplied in a plastic sleeve.

Incannel Firmer Gouge Product Codes: F11, F12, F13, F14, F15, F16
Outcannel Firmer Gouge Product Codes: F17, F18, F19, F20, F21, F22

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- Henry Taylor Tools.


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