Marples Router - No. M71

marples router m71
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Marples M71 Router Review By: I.Ball

Category: Old Routers

Manufacturer: Marples

Plane Type: Router

Model No: M71


The Marples router number M71, also known as a router plane, is a two-handled hand tool used for cutting, cleaning and smoothing grooves / depressed surfaces parallel with the surface of the work.

The Marples M71 is referred to as an open throat router due to the raised hollow arch at the front of the router.

The router can be used with a closed throat by leaving the depth stop and shoe in position, with the face of the shoe flush with the base of the router. The router can be used as an open mouth by removing the depth stop and shoe.

marples router m71

The M71 router was supplied with three cutters as standard: 1/4", 1/2" and a splayed smoothing cutter.

The blades on the router can be set facing to the front for regular work or they can be set towards the rear for bull-nose work. The blades can be set to rear facing by removing the collar clamp and turning around. The cutters can also be adjusted upwards and downwards to the required depth.

The Marples M71 is virtually the same as the Stanley 71 router.

The photos show a user made base added to this particular router.

Router Construction

high grade cast iron


Router Dimensions

7 1/2 inch

Router Markings

"Marples" - found on the top of the router

"Sheffield England" - found on the top of the router

Manufactured Dates

<1937 - 1958>


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