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Granby Brass Plane Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Granby

Plane Type: Bullnose

Model No:


The Granby bullnose plane is a little brass bull-nose plane with certain parts finished with a red finish.

The plane is approximately 97mm (just short of 4 inches) in length and 28mm (1 1/8" in width).

The Granby brass bullnose plane is very similar in design to the Record 076 Plane.

Like the Record 076 bullnose plane, the Granby brass plane also has a 29mm (1 1/8 inch) wide shouldered cutter which which spans the full width of the plane.

The plane blade is positioned with the bevel-side of the blade facing upwards.

The front of the plane has a curved nose with a window to the cutting area.

granby brass plane

Blade adjustments are carried out by loosening the lever cap and adjusting the blade by moving the blade into position by hand (opposed to certain bullnose planes which have fine adjustment mechanisms).

The lever cap is secured by turning the knurled wheel nut underneath the top portion of the lever cap.

The Granby bull-nose plane can be used to reach close into corners including being used left or right handed. The plane can be laid perfectly flat and used on either of its sides to trim rebates.

granby brass plane

Plane Construction

granby bullnose plane


Lever cap:


Plane finish:

Granby Plane Blade / Cutter

Width (bottom): 29mm (1 1/8 inch)

Top Of Blade Shape: Snecked with slight rounded corners

Granby Plane Markings

"Granby" - found on the side of the plane.

Manufactured Dates

?- ?

Plane Also Known As

Granby Brass Plane
Granby Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane
Small Granby Bull-Nose Plane


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