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A toothing plane is a woodwork plane fitted with a special toothing plane blade for scratching the surface of a workpiece, one purpose of which is to form a surface which gives a better bond when it is glued with another surface. The reason being the glue is bedded into the grooves with the theory being it creates a stronger grip.

The toothing plane is a versatile tool which can be used on really tough grain, with the grain, against the grain and across the grain.

On top of being useful for bonding preparation, the toothing plane is also useful for smoothing work on highly figured woods with the toothing plane used in different directions and then a scraper used to finish.

Technically a toothing plane can be any plane which has a toothing cutter however there is a historical plane which is dedicated in shape and function for specifically being suited to the job, it is this plane which is the Toothing Plane; see the Wooden Toothing Plane Review for more info.

History shows the traditional wooden toothing plane was a popular and useful plane, this is seen by the number which still surface today. It seems a little surprising that the traditional toothing plane design isn't a tool which is really made today in some form given the increased resurgence of the production and use of traditional tools. This may be because tool companies are selling toothed blades to go in bench planes, it may also be because there is still a fairly abundant amount of old toothing planes floating around.

What Is A Toothing Plane Used For?

A good example of a toothing plane's use is it is particualry useful when bonding veneer.

Traditionally the toothing plane was used to work the workpiece and the back of the veneer.

A toothing plane is also very useful in helping prepare highly difficult grains where other planes might fail.

See the Toothing Plane Videos page for more info and to see the toothing plane in action.

toothing plane cutter / iron / blade

How Does A Toothing Plane Work?

The toothing plane or toothing plane cutter works by cutting / scratching grooves into the surface.

The scratched grooves are formed using a special toothing plane cutter which is a plane blade with a serrated cutting edge.

When looking at the toothing plane blade, the blade has a series of fine 'V' shaped grooves running partially up the blade from the cutting edge on one side.

In use, the cutter planes anything from a powdery dust to a series of fine stringy shavings depending on what is being worked.


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