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A Side Rebate Plane, commonly referred to as a Side Rabbet Plane is a plane designed for trimming work such as the trimming of rabbets / rebates, grooves, dados, moulds and similar.

The side rebate plane is particularly useful when precision fitting is required such as when a dado or groove needs to be widened very slightly in order to precisely house a corresponding part.

It may be the case that a glass shelf or polished shelf is too thick to fit in the corresponding grooves, rather than adjusting / changing the shelves, it is much easier to alter the grooves.

A tool that isn't always needed but a very useful tool when needed.

What Is The Difference Between A Side Rebate Plane and A Side Rabbet Plane?

veritas side rabbet plane

Absolutely nothing, they are the same type of plane, 'Rebate' is just another word for 'Rabbet'. The words are interchangeable.

'Rebate' is the word used particularly in the UK for rebates and rebate planes.

'Rabbet' is the word used particularly in North America for rebates / rabbets and rebate planes / rabbet planes.

As these are the two main places where these types of planes were made I would imagine the word used in different parts of the world will vary depending on what planes and literature has been consumed in the past and present and whether main stream educators have chosen to use the word 'Rebate' or 'Rabbet'.

Although I have always used the term 'Rebate Plane', I must admit I thought 'Rabbet Plane' was the old original name for these type of planes however I have noticed in a couple of old British tool catalogues they are advertised as 'Rebate Planes' and in a couple of old US tool catalogues they are advertised as 'Rabbet Planes'.

In terms of forming a rabbet / rebate, from my experience the word 'Rebate' is mainly used (I am in the UK, your experience may differ).

Different Types Of Side Rabbet Planes / Side Rebate Planes

There are two types of hand plane side rebate planes, the wooden side rabbet plane and the iron side rabbet plane:

wooden side rabbet / rebate planes

Wooden Side Rabbet Planes / Wooden Side Rebate Planes

Wooden side rabbet planes have been sold since at least the 1700's until the first half of the 1900's.

Wooden side rebate planes came in a pair consisting of a lefthand side rabbet plane and righthand side rabbet plane.

Wooden side rebate planes were usually made from Beech.

See the Wooden Side Rebate Plane Review page for more info.

side rebate / rabbet plane

Iron Side Rabbet Planes / Iron Side Rebate Planes

Iron side rebate planes began to grow in popularity when the first iron side rabbet planes were produced by Stanley and Edward Preston in the early 1900's.

These planes were made much smaller than the wooden side rabbet planes and as such were more suited to delicate and intricate trimming work.

Stanley originally produced a left and a right-hand side rabbet plane pairing (Stanley 98-99) mimicking the wooden side rabbet planes, they then went on to produce an all-in-one side rabbet plane, the Stanley 79.

Edward Preston went for an all-in-one side rabbet plane from the off with the Preston large side rabbet plane and the Preston small side rabbet plane.

When Edward Preston ceased business Record took on many Edward Preston plane patterns including the small side rebate plane which Record made into the Record 2506 side rabbet plane.

New side rabbet planes are still made today, see the side rabbet plane manufacturers list below.

Side Rabbet / Side Rebate Plane Manufacturers:

There have been a few side rebate plane makers in the past, with a few present makers that we are aware of. Below is a list of a few well known side rebate plane manufacturers:

New Side Rebate Plane Manufacturers:

Old Wooden Side Rebate Plane Manufacturers:

Old Iron Side Rebate Plane Manufacturers:


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