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A scrub plane, also traditionally known as a 'Hogg Plane', 'Hogging Plane' and 'Roughing Plane', is a woodwork plane designed for the fast removal of lots of wood / wood shavings.

A scrub plane is an agressive plane used where there is the need to remove a lot of wood quickly where it is not possible or efficient to cut down with a saw.

The scrub plane is traditionally used for preparing rough, warped or distorted timber or where there is a need to reduce the thickness or width of a piece of timber.

A scrub plane is a narrow plane of smoothing plane length with a very open mouth to allow lots of shavings to quickly flow through.

The scrub plane has a more stout blade with a cutting edge which is rounded in order to help cope with the rougher work.

scrub plane mouth

A scrub plane is a single-iron plane, meaning it doesn't have an accompanying cap iron.

It is the combination of the blade setup and the open mouth which makes the scrub plane suited to carrying out the rougher work and removing lots of stock quickly.

Due to the agressive nature of this plane, it leaves a rough finish which is then worked with a jack plane in the next step to flattening and smoothing a board.

A scrub plane is sometimes referred to as one of the 'bench plane' range.

A scrub plane is also useful for creating wood shavings for tinder in a woodburner or an outdoor garden fire pit.

wooden scrub plane

Wooden Scrub Planes

The first scrub planes were wooden scrub planes. There have been wooden scrub planes since the 1700's and no doubt before.

See the Wooden Scrub Planes page for more info.

metal scrub plane

Iron Scrub Planes

The first mainstream iron scrub plane was the Stanley 40 Scrub Plane first produced in the 1890's, produced for about 60 years.

There was a similar Record Scrub Plane produced for a brief time in the 1930's-1940's.

Apart from these, I don't believe there was a mainstream iron scrub plane produced until around the early 2000's when the Veritas Scrub Plane was produced.

This left a 40 year period where no new mainstream iron scrub plane was produced. This may well have been because of a combination of:

- there were an abundance of secondhand wooden and iron scrubs planes at this time.
- woodworkers worked out they could adapt an existing plane / plane blade to form a custom made scrub plane.
- there was a lot of affordable machinery / planers available to buy.


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