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A paring chisel is a traditional hand tool with a long, slender steel blade with a sharp, parallel cutting edge and a flat face on the underside.

The paring chisel blade usually tapers from a slightly thicker top end of the blade towards a slightly thinner blade at the cutting edge end.

The top side of the blade can either be plain or bevelled on the left and right side of the top side.

As with all chisels, the blade has a bevel at the cutting edge in order to create a sharp edge.

The blade is handled with a chisel handle, traditionally a wooden handle.

Traditionally the paring chisel was used by pattern-makers and cabinet-makers.

What Is Paring?

Paring is when you cut thin slivers of wood with a chisel.

What Is A Paring Chisel Used For?

A paring chisel is used for quickly removing slivers of wood by hand, particularly good for helping prepare joints and for cleaning rooves.

What Material Does A Paring Chisel Cut?

A paring chisel is designed to cut wood.

How Is A Paring Chisel Used?

The paring chisel is usually used by hand with one hand controlling the handle and the other the blade.

The hand on the handle pushes the handle along and the hand on the blade controls the cut.

This technique in skilled hands allows allows effortless wood removal by paring thin slivers.

The long blade helps in this process by allowing more control.

There have been a few makers of paring chisels in the past, and a few present makers. Below are a list of a few well known paring chisels makers:

Old Paring Chisel Makers:

New Paring Chisel Makers:


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