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what is an infill plane
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An infill plane, is a type of woodworking plane with a metal body with the body fitted / filled with a wooden part(s).

An infill plane is used for smoothing or trimming wood, depending which type of infill plane it is.

An infill plane is a traditional plane which was prominent as a plane of grandure in the 1850's - 1950's.

They were/are works of art showcasing the crafts top of their game skills but they weren't/aren't just for show, they were/are also beautiful, highly functional tools to use.

spiers infill plane

The infill planes were usually fitted with expensive and exotic wood of the time with Rosewood and Ebony often being the timbers of choice.

An infill plane can be in the form of many types of planes such as:

Some of the most famous infill planes are:

norris infill plane

The Norris planes range had the widest range of infill planes with a huge selection of tools. Norris planes were usually nicely marked with their makers mark on the plane and usually on the plane iron (some Norris planes were fitted with Ward plane irons). Due to the amount of different Norris planes, Norris introduced a model numbering system for cataloguing, this resulted in some Norris planes being marked with a model number.

The combination of all these factors has seen infill planes as a prime tool collectors paradise with the Norris planes being particularly highly collectable.

There are still a few makers of new infill planes today including at the time of writing this:

  • Holtey Planes
  • Neville Planes
  • Sauer & Steiner Planes

Other recent infill makers include:

  • Bristol Design
  • Classic Planes (I think I recall)


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