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A nicker is a term given to a pointed blade or double pointed blade which sits towards the front of a wooden fillister plane, a wooden moving fillister plane or a wooden dado plane.

The nicker with a single point is also known as a fillister tooth iron and the nicker with two points is also known as a trenching iron and as a dado iron.

The nicker is positioned with the point(s) protruding just below the line of the sole of the plane with the nicker wedged firmly in place with a wooden wedge.

A nicker works in a similar way as a spur does.

What Is The Nicker For? What Is The Purpose Of The Nicker?

The purpose of the nicker is to help produce a good cut by preventing tear-out and splintering of the timber on cross-grain work.

The nicker makes sure the corner and edge of the rebate / rabbet has a clean, square finish.

How Does The Nicker Work?

As the plane is pushed along the wood, the nicker scores / slices the wood just before the plane blade shaves the wood.

The slicing / nicking of the wood alters the structure of the surface in a positive way which enables the main plane blade to make an effective smooth cut.


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