Chesterman Blue Tape Measure - 2

chesterman blue tape measure
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Chesterman Blue Tape Measure Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Chesterman

Tool Type: Tape Measure

Model No: 2 (Bakelite)


This Chesterman tape measure hasn't got a model number on it anywhere, so for the purpose of reference, we have given it the reference '2' until the time comes when an official Chesterman reference number surfaces.

This Chesterman tape measure has a steel tape, and a bakelite case.

The bakelite case is a light blue colour. Bakelite is an old form of plastic.

The Chesterman 1 leather tape measures were made in many different lengthed tapes.

The tape typically measured with the measurement commencing from the outside of the ring at the end of the tape, i.e. ring is included in the measurement. It was possible to custom order a different arrangement.

chesterman blue tape measure
chesterman blue tape measure

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