Chesterman 'Treble' Tape Measure - No. 1533

chesterman tape measure 1533
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'Treble' Tape Measure 1533 Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Chesterman

Tool Type: Tape Measure

Model No: 1533 (Leather)


This review covers the old 'Treble' leather tape measure no. 1533.

The 'Treble' range of tape measures were made by Chesterman.

The tape is wound using a brass winder located on the top of the tape measure. The folding winder handle extends for winding and tucks neatly back into a hidden position when not needed.

The tape typically measured with the measurement commencing from the outside of the ring at the end of the tape, i.e. ring is included in the measurement. It was possible to custom order a different arrangement.

The tapes are usually marked out in inches with quarter increments on the front side and links on the rear side.

chesterman tape measure 1533

The number 1533 leather tape measures were made in many different lengthed tapes.

The tapes measures which surface most regularly today are 33ft, 66ft, and 100ft with measurements on both sides.

The 'Treble' 1533 tape measure is marked 'Treble, No 1533, England', in the example I saw it had these markings on both sides of the tape. This tape measure model isn't marked 'Chesterman'.

chesterman tape measure 1533

Additional Information

chesterman 1533 tape measure

" To users of Woven Measuring Tapes

We occasionally receive complaints of inaccuracy in our Woven Measuring Tapes. This almost invariably rises from the fact of too much being expected from this class of article.

For precise and accurate measurements nothing but a Steel Tape should be used, but very good work can be done with a Woven Tape if it is tested with a Steel Tape, and allowance made for errors. If a Woven Tape is used in damp or wet conditions, it should always be allowed to dry FIRST before being wound into the case - by doing this, the life of the Tape is lengthened considerably, and the Tape is less liable to shrink.

Woven Tapes are standardized with a tension, or pull, of 2lbs., and, to avoid stretching, care should be taken not to exceed this tension when using the Tape.

James Chesterman & Co Ltd.
Sheffield 11 ,England. "

Tape Measure Construction

chesterman tape measure 1533



woven linen

'Treble, No 1533, England' on both sides of the case.
[the size] on the brass winder (usually 33ft, 66ft or 100ft).

Sometimes there are additional marks such as a company name, goverment department or an owners name/mark.

Manufactured Dates

? - ?

Are There Any Problems / Issues With This Tool?

An uncommon fault which can occur is the winder handle no longer holds shut; it flaps about when held upside down.

The case stitching can sometimes be coming apart at the seams.


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