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old ashley iles carving tool
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This Ashley Iles Wood Carving Tool review covers the old Ashley Iles Wood Carving Tools made by Ashley Iles, England.

For information on new Ashley Iles Wood Carving Tools see the new Ashley Iles Wood Carving Tools review.

Ashley Iles Tools have been making tools for generations and still remains a family run business today with Ashley Iles sons Tony and Barry running the show.

Until 1967 the tools were made in Sheffield, beyond this the business moved to East Kirkby in Lincolnshire.

For more information on the history of Ashley Iles, there is a book called "Memories of a Sheffield Toolmaker, Ashley Iles".

Ashley Iles are renowned for their extensive range of wood carving tools, they also have made/make some wood turning tools, chisels and a few other specialist traditional hand tools.

old ashley iles wood carving tools

Ashley Iles wood carving tools are made to traditional standards using traditional techniques.

The range is made to the London Pattern numbering system which is the same numbering system Addis carving tools, Herring carving tools and many other traditional British wood carving tool makers use/used, e.g. Sweep 1 is a double-bevelled chisel, Sweep 2 is a skew chisel....Sweep 39 is a Vee tool with a 60 degree angle.

The Ashley Iles wood carving tools generally have Beech handles.

The earlier ones I have seen have had Beech handles. Some of the earlier Ashley Iles wood carving tools also have the name 'Ashley Iles' inscribed in the blade.

old ashley iles carving tools

For a certain time some of the old Ashley wood carving tools are carving tools with Bubinga handles (I am thinking probably 1980's-1990's, I'll confirm once I know) although a slight caution on this, at the time of writing this Ashley Iles make chisels with Bubinga handles today so they may possibly make wood carving tools with Bubinga handles to request.

Another sign of the age of an Ashley Iles carving tool is an Ashley Iles gold sticker found on the handles.

The gold stickers with 'Ashley Iles Ltd' with the name 'Iles' being bold and large were an earlier sticker than the gold sticker with the old English swirly font 'Ashley Iles'.

The old English swirly font 'Ashley Iles' gold stickers on the Beech handles appeared on the handles until about 2015. I am unsure when they were first used, cartainly from 2005, I suspect quite a bit before this.

old ashley iles wood carving tool

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* Wearing safety clothing and eye protection is usually a good idea to help protect against injury.

- This tool has sharp parts, take suitable precautions when using/handling/storing the tool to prevent injury.

old ashley iles carving tools

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1949 - Today


- Ashley Iles Tools.


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