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Plane Type: Grooving

The old British wooden grooving plane is a wooden plane with a steel skate on the side, a plough plane blade(s) and a wooden wedge.

The wooden grooving plane is a simple plane used for making grooves. This type of plane used to be advertised as a drawer bottom grooving plane which gives an indication of one use for the plane.

The plane is effectively a basic version of a plough plane.

There are two types of wooden grooving plane, one with a small adjustable sliding fence underneath the plane and one without the fence.

The sliding fence is adjusted by releasing the screws underneath the fence, sliding the fence to the desired position and then securing the screws to hold the fence in position.

The grooving planes without the fence can also be paired with a matching wooden tongue plane to form a pair of tongue and groove planes.

The plane can be used with a series of plane cutters of varying widths. The plane cutters have a groove running upwards from the bevel which is used to locate with the metal skate.

The wooden wedge is used to secure the blade in position.

old wooden grooving plane

Old Grooving Plane Manufacturers

There are many, many makers of the non-adjustable grooving plane, with a smaller amount of adjustable grooving plane manufacturers, below is a list of some of the makers:

Marples (William)

Buying A Wooden Grooving Plane

(Things To Look Out For)

When buying an old wooden grooving plane it is worth being aware of the following:

Woodworm: if the plane has live woodworm it would be very prudent to treat the plane in order to protect any other wooden items in the vicinity of the wooden plane.

Jammed wedge: if the wedge canít be removed then the plane is non-functional.

Replaced wedge: a good replacement wedge should be fine, a poor replacement wedge may result in the blade not being able to be secured properly and may devalue the plane if the plane has any real value.

Cracked wedge: if the wedge has a hairline crack then there will be an increased chance the wedge will break if the wedge ever became jammed.

Pitted Blade: if the cutting area of the blade is heavily pitted this will make sharpening the blade to a good edge more tricky or if really bad then almost impossible.


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