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Category: Old Routers

Manufacturer: Tyzack

Plane Type: Router

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The Tyzack brass router with red paint is fitted with two wooden handles and was supplied with three router cutters. The router is made from steel with a brassed base.

The router can be used as an open mouthed router or it can be used as a closed mouth router; this includes being able to use the router as a bullnose tool.

The cutter is held in place with the use of a clamping collar and a securing screw. The top of the cutter also locates into a fine adjustment wheel. This wheel when turned moves the cutter up or down allowing the use to set the required depth of cut.

The Tyzack router is very similar in design to the Edward Preston 1399 router and was no doubt heavily influenced by the Preston router design.


How To Sharpen A Router Cutter For A Tyzack Router

Sharpen the router cutter on the bevelled side of the cutter using a slip stone / sharpening stone. Once sharp, remove any burrs / wirey pieces of metal with a flat swipe or two of the slip stone underneath the cutter.

The router cutter shouldn't be sharpened from underneath; the underneath should be flat with no bevel.


Manufactured Dates

? - ?


Router Also Known As

tyzack router

Tyzack Hand Router

Tyzack Brass Router

Tyzack Brass and Steel Router

Tyzack Open and Closed Mouth Router

Tyzack Open and Closed Throat Router

Old Tyzack Router

Old Tyzack Grooving Tool

Secondhand Tyzack Router


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