Stanley Hand Scraper - No. 81

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Stanley 81 Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Stanley

Plane Type: Hand Scraper

Model No: 81

The Stanley scraper number 81 is a distinctive scraper from the extensive Stanley tool range.

The Stanley 81 has a cast iron frame with a tall central wall to help offer support and rigidness to the scraper blade.

The arms on the 81 scraping tool span 10 inches from end-to-end. The arms have a series of raised bumps which have the twin function of adding to the 81’s aesthetics and offering the user extra grip and control.

The style of the arms are classed as ‘raised’ handles due to the handles being positioned higher than the sole.

The Stanley 81 scraper is finished in a nickel plated coating. This coating gives the tool a shiny look as well as helping protect the tool from rust. The nickel plating can be prone to coming off through time which due to the age of Stanley 81’s, it is quite a common sight to find a Stanley 81 with some partial nickel loss.

The sole of scraper is fitted with a rosewood base.

The Stanley 81 scraper takes 64mm (2 1/2 inch) wide scraper blades.


Plane Markings

"No 81" - found at the base of the central support


Manufactured Dates

<1898 - 1934>


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